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The Mosaic Portal (network of topical web sites) was created in 1997, as a free to use utility, by Kevin Beck, who lives in Australia. It began as a forum. Over the years Kevin Beck has created relationships with global media, with internet companies such as Amazon, Google, with institutions, associations and interest groups to provide content to the hundreds of topical sites. The Mosaic Portal began as a forum but progressively morphed into a far wider tool for creating relationships, and interactions, across the world, using technology.

It is now an extraordinarily deep, and broad, resource for people to use to. To assist, and add value to, their work, learning, living, lifestyle, communication, participation and activism activities.



It is more than it appears to be

The Mosaic Portal is focused on achieving impact, and a modoicum of influence, on individuals, groups and the power collective who reside within the differing communities of government, institution and enterprise, anywhere in Australia.

It has the capacity for users to do similar in other countries through the Mosaic Portal's powerful resources.

The many, and possible, uses of the Mosaic Portal

There are so many ways you can use the Mosaic Portal, the possibilities are endless and you are limited only by your technical abilities, your imagination and motivation.

Tell me tell the world the secrets, gripes and concerns of your workplace, life in your community, the scandals, the behaviour of local politicians, councillors of local government, people in public office, about the behaviour of people, the cons, lies and misrepresentations, consumer issues, poor service and products, about your local water supply, health, medical and hospital services, government services or lack of them, about victimisation, the gossip, your interests, activism, .... anything.....

Access your favourite sites on the web using the portal, oepning multiple windows. News, magazines, media, sport, entertainment, parenting, human rights, gender, leisure, hobby, lifestyle, fashion, music, films, chat, finance, information, search, anything, through the ever expanding topical pages of the Mosaic Portal.

Use the Mosaic Portal
forum to distribute information and articles.

Do you want to know what the web is capable of and how to use it?

Do you need to do research and preparation for work?

Want to do research or seek information for your own objectives?

Want to read about or talk with people from your own profession, association or find information?

Are you studying, doing a paper, project or thesis or academic treatise, are you a teacher?

Do you have a story to tell about anything at all?

Are you a kid or teenager who wants to find things out and use the web for school work, leisure, for talking to others and telling them something, finding a career, job or that great song, radio station and magazine, game or new technology?

Do you want to engage in your political electorate, democracy and participate in governance by telling politicians and ministers, media, local communities, voters, the world, your views and perceptions?

Want to ask them what they are doing in their job, about an issue, question a policy or action and broadcast their answer or non reply?

Want to ask a company or organisation executive or community leader or any one in any position what they are doing, a question about accountability or behaviour, report their answer or non reply?

Want to tell others about your political representatives, local government, employers, school, college, public services, university, you name it?

Do you want to tell someone something and have them distribute it for you?

Do you want to interact with any organisation, or person, for any purpose you choose?

Do you want to complain, or compliment, a company, organisation or person, about a product or service or behaviour at any level and then tell others about the response or non reply?

Do you want to level the playing field, have access to resources, at home or anywhere you access the web, that once were the domain only of big companies and governments, access systems and software that are available only to you at your work place and you cannot replicate, design yourself or do not have and cannot afford?

Do you have a gripe, or an issue, of any kind?

Do you know of an activity that you think is not right, but do not know where to go or who to tell?

Do you have knowledge of a public issue, unethical practice or behaviour or information you think people should know?

Do you seek support, information or want to communicate with like minded people?

Looking for travel ideas, information on countries and services?

Looking for hobbies and leisure, parenting issues, gender issues, any topic at all?

Want to search the web using different types of engines all at one time?

Do you want to gather, and distribute, business, political or other information?

Do you want to write articles or be an author but don't know where to start?

Do you want to build a web site?

Do you want your own web forum or blog?

Are you in a place somewhere in the world and want to communicate to people using the web?

Do you want to educate yourself and learn about the world and things in it and what others are doing?

Do you want to expand your web community, link to others through the web or add content to your web site?

Do you want to listen to a radio station somewhere else in the world, read a newspaper, news or journal in your language or find unusual and interesting things?

Is any one, or more, of your local government, public officials, governments, media, business or members' of the power collective, anyone, in your opinion, biased, secretive, distorting and manipulating truth and not necessarily telling you, and the public, everything you think you, and they might want or need to know?

Do you want an alternative opinion and view on anything?

Do you want advice?

Do you want to access independent media, people, organisations, activists, governments, corporations, associations, anyone, anywhere on the net, across the world?

How many people do you want to reach, talk to, distribute or listen to - a few, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred even millions?

Lateral Thinking

The power of communication.

Who's talking to who today?

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