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There is nothing that cannot be discovered, uncovered and taken. Your information, your identity, assets and secrets.

Here in this web site you can make yourself as aware as you choose, of the technology, the methods and the tools. The true extent of the existence and activities of state and non state actors.

Cell phone hack app

Even as you sleep

The information and intelligence gatherers are data mining, searching the cyber using bots. They are looking at cctv feeds, listening and learning. Theye are inserting spyware in your mobile and internet connected devices.

They exist in the shadows all around you.

Trident, Pegasus, the Shadow Brokers, NSO Group and many many more

You may think that you have nothing worth spying on but that is not true. Thieves want your identity to create false identities for criminals, money laundering and to hide their own identity.

You may know, or be related to, someone that criminals, government agents and information gatherers, are interested in.

font Sending and receiving intel and reports

Anyone can be shown in real time, using social media, to be anywhere in the world in reality and actuality, as they choose, even if you are not there.

Why is it presumed that esiopnage is all the work of nation states? A large part is also carried out by private contractors, corporate specialists and individuals.

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Silica Keys

JSON/Atom Custom Search API

Anyone who owns a shortwave radio can pick up the Number Stations. If you do not have one here is a web based short wave radio

It is possible to listen online in real-time. Code breakers try to crack their rigid operational fool proof systems.

Number Stations

Global Frequency Database

Binary to High Level Language

Stack Exchange


Code Injection

Deadly Web Attack


The five eyes members are Canada, United States of America, Australia, United Kongdom and New Zealand. It is an alliance in relation to Defence, Intelligence Gathering, Intelligence Exchange, Spying, Encryption and Technology among other security related matters. The power of the Defence and Intelligence Agencies under this arrangmenet is extensive within governments and communities.

There are those who operate beyond the horizon of everyday awareness. They are not necessarily government agents. Many are ordinary citizens of nation states living overseas, corporate businesexecutivs, media and others who are engaged in gathering information and intelligence which on the face may seem irrelevant.

One of the simplest and most effective methods of learning information and gathering intelligence is to sit, watch and listen, in airports, business lounges, hotels, building foyers and restaurants, anywhere where people congegate. Watching who is meeting who, catching a phrase or seeing an indiscretion. They may be business executives, politicians, public servants or even lovers carrying on a affair.

Very few are attuned to their presence.

I like to watch the people who watch others.

The presumption is often that breaches (physical and logical) in security of computers, hacks and espionage must be the work of either criminals or they emanating out of rogue type locations such as China, North Korea, Russia, the Middle East - ISIS Daesh, African nations and more.

What if the spies were inside the nation being spied on? They are everuday people loyal to their birth nation, or receiving small gfartuities and favours or they wanted to be popular with powerful interests in their birth country or where there relatives live even though they were born here in Australia?

Call it "citizen spying". Hundreds – perhaps thousands – of Chinese government sources act as a giant human vacuum cleaner, sucking up intelligence to be digested in Beijing. Even the smallest scrap of information might be useful. Chinese security services are engaging the most intense collection of intelligence by a foreign power Australia has ever seen. And Australia does not have the resources to stop it.

The Chinese intelligence services are exploiting Australia's openness, security sources say. The huge number of regular conversations between Chinese citizens and Australian businessmen, public servants and politicians creates a stream of intelligence that is collated by China's security services. "They are just people with links with China who pass on information in small bits," the expert says. "In themselves the pieces of information are not that significant. But connecting it's an extraordinary effort. It's very hard to avoid it and negate it." (Source: Australian Financial Review, Australia is losing the battle against China's 'citizen spies' Aaron Patrick, September 3, 2015)

In 2015 the head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) was so concerned about Chinese influence in Australian politics and the level of incursion into the Australian Labor and Liberal parties that he met with the party administrators to warn them. Most notably was the relationship between Chinese billionaires in Australia and the NSW Branch of the Labor Party.

NSW Labor is the most corrupt of Australia's political parties with Ministers of successive state government being jailed from the mid 1970s through to 2017. Australian Labor politicians have left Parliament to take up positions immediately with Chinese community groups and companies.

In June 2017 an insipid response came from the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about political donations by overseas interests and as always there is a review. The Special Minister for State is working on legislation, slowly. It apparently takes a year to frame something to ban international money being given to political parties. It isn a difficult complex problem for the challenged in our political class. Leader of Labor Bill Shorten as ever the pious one demands that Mr Turnbull act. Of course when Mr Shorten was a federal Minister in the Gillard and Rudd Labor Governments he and they never acted.

The Liberal party is obsessed with citizen action groups such as GetUp. The Special Minister of State argues that the political parties should not be put at a disadvantage by not being able to take donations from international sources whilst citizen groups can, to run political campaigns. This is the underlying nature of the incumbent politicians. They must always manage and control our democracy. They may act as they see fit but we citizens must never cause them angst. We are to stay in our place and they will allow us to vote.

The Australian Labor and Liberal federal politicians refuse to create a national Crime and Misconduct Commission. They use a spurious argument that police, and regulators, have enough powers. What they really fear is being caught doing all of the things they do in the shadows. Also they do not want their after politics career opportunities limited. One might opine that they are greedy and thus for sale.

"China's growing influence over Australian politics has similarities with Russia's recent meddling in American democracy, a former top US intelligence official has warned.

How China uses its 'soft power' strategy

The communist state exercises "soft power" in Australia in myriad ways, and it is vital that it is resisted, writes Dr Chongyi Feng, who was detained and interrogated in China earlier this year. James Clapper was the Director of US National Intelligence until January 2017, and has just begun work as a visiting professor at the Australian National University's National Security College.

"The challenge that I think we both face, both the United States and Australia, is the potential jeopardy to the very fundamental underpinnings of our political system," Mr Clapper said.

The 50-year veteran of the intelligence community has arrived Down Under as more revelations about Chinese political donations have been exposed by the ABC's Four Corners program. He believes Australia should reconsider whether foreign financial contributions should remain legal." (Source: Former top US spy James Clapper warns of China's Russian-style behaviour in Australia Exclusive by defence reporter Andrew Greene, ABC News June 6, 2017)

The Chinese government has hit back at a Fairfax/Four Corners investigation into its influence in Australia.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said the claims of spying and the Chinese government threatening students at Australian universities were "totally pointless" and refuted by China..... Australian student leader Lupin Lu describes how the Chinese Communist Party helped organise student supporters in Australia when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited in March." (Source: Chinese government hits back at student spying claims in Australia, Kirsty Needham, June 5, 2017, Sydney Morning Herald)

"Monday 5 June 2017

Power and Influence: The hard edge of China's soft power.

"They want to influence Australia. They want a stronger presence in Australia."

It's a tale of secrets, power and intimidation.

"ASIO are really quite alive and alert to these issues... of Australian national security."

China is our most important trading partner, making a strong relationship vital to Australia's national interest. But there are growing concerns about covert Chinese actions taking place on Australian soil. "Every government has an interest in promoting itself abroad to extending its soft power, I guess what's different about China is the way in which its run through these clandestine operations." Five months in the making, this joint Four Corners/Fairfax Media investigation uncovers how China's Communist Party is secretly infiltrating Australia. The investigation tracks the activities of Beijing-backed organisations and the efforts made to intimidate opponents of the Chinese Communist party. "The way the Chinese Government operates is effectively to control and silence dissent."

And investigates the influence of individuals who have access to Australian political and business leaders." (By Nick McKenzie, Sashka Koloff, Anne Davies
ABC 4 Corners here



What if espionage, and intelligence gathering practitioners, were embedded in governments, political parties, unions, public services, institutions, small, medium businesses and large corporations or they had access to any of these through people and technology? They are in every community in the nation in whihc they are interested.

If you research, watch, and listen in public places, you may glimpse them in the shadows. Because they are there

Ignorance is bliss and it is blissful ignorance that protects the human agents that have infiltrated every sector of our Australian nation for whatever motivation and purpose.

Here in this web site you can make yourself as aware as you choose, of the technology, the methods and the tools they use.

Here are the intelligence gathering disciplines


A website does not have to be hacked to fall under the control of an external party. Instead, all the hacker, or prober, analyst or spy, needs to do is take your site elsewhere through the Internet Domain Name System (DNS).

DNS is the Internet’s phone book, which translates a website's URL such as lenovo.com, sony.com, amazon.com, google.com, fed,gov, gov.au into a numeric Internet Protocol address such as 10.73.345.232,, read as binary code. Alternatively they mat go after the Internet Domain Registrar that manages the Domain Name Servers in each country. They redirect users to their own created site.

They go after records that contain personal information personnel employment, bank and financial and other sources. They then run password hack programmes whihc try out combinations drawn from these records. People often use their financial PIN number as their password or part thereof. This is known as exploitation of the access control system and it mostly comes as a brute force attack, in which the attacker attempts to guess the possible username and password combinations in an effort to log in as the user.

Some others will create phishing pages designed to capture the user’s ID/username and password, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack in which the attacker tries to intercept the user credentials via the user's own browser. A Man in the Middle (MITM) attack is the intercepting of a username and password on an insecure networks such as a free WiFi Hot Spot in a shopping mall or airport. In these insecure nwtroks credentials are transferred between one point to another using plain text. There is no encryption. There is no layered security.

Constant global security monitoring

Today's global economy has a dark underbelly: the world of corporate espionage. Using cutting-edge technology, age-old techniques of deceit and manipulation, and sheer talent, spies act as the hidden puppeteers of globalized businesses. They control markets, determine prices, influence corporate decisions, and manage the flow of data and information of some of the world's biggest corporations. In his gripping and alarming book, Eamon Javers takes the reader inside this hidden global industry. Readers meet the spies who conduct surveillance operations, satellite analysts who peer down on corporate targets from the skies, veteran CIA officers who work for hedge funds, and even a Soviet military intelligence officer who now sells his services to American companies. This contracted spy industry has tentacles in almost every industry in almost every corner of the globe.

Intelligence companies and the spies they employ are setting up fake Web sites to elicit information, trailing individuals and mirroring travel itiner-aries, Dumpster-diving in household and corporate trash, using ultrasophisticated satellite surveillance to spy on facilities, acting as impostors to take jobs within companies or to gain access to corporations, concocting elaborate schemes of fraud and deceit, and hacking e-mail and secure computer networks. The work of this industry can be ingenious, but it also raises crucial moral and legal questions in a world where global conflicts are as likely to be corporation versus corporation as they are to be nation versus nation.

This globalised industry is not a recent phenomenon, but rather a continuation of a fascinating history. The story begins with Allan Pinkerton, the nation's first true "private eye," and extends through the annals of a rich history that includes tycoons and playboys, Presidents and FBI operatives, CEOs and accountants, Cold War veterans and military personnel.

They have always been there. The Corporate executive working for some country, reporting back to their handler agency person, what they see as they travel, observing who are in the airport lounges, in the hotel foyers, bars and clubs. Taking photos on their mobile phones. They are the Corporate mercenaries of the world's spy agencies.

Today the Chinese have taken the mantle over the old guard putting 10,000,000 corporate spies into the field in 2010. An ever growing number as their economy expands.

An added difference today in 2015 is that individuals empowered by technology, skill and imagination, have become
Game Players too

Cyber Map - Fireeye

Cyber Map - Norse

Managing Corporate Spies

Freelance contractors list

Professional Managers and Associates has Australian based contractors

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Cryptography Tutorials

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Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) USA, PCJF sent a notice to civil rights advocates that said: "Most people are not aware that silently, but constantly, the government is now watching, recording your everyday travels and storing years of your activities in massive data warehouses that can be quickly 'mined' to find out when and where you have been, whom you've visited, meetings you've attended, and activities you've taken part in…You're being tracked routinely, without probable cause, without a warrant and without even a suspicion that you have committed a crime." According to PCJF, the Department of Homeland Security has created customised software to integrate the surveillance data obtained through all the different vendor systems that are on the market and used by different localities. The federal government has a massive data storage center for tag reader information located in Northern Virginia. With a plate and a cross-reference to other databases (like the Department of Motor Vehicles, credit card companies and phone records) a full profile of the individual can easily be created. The fusion of license plate reader data with commercial databases and intelligence databases gives the government virtually unlimited knowledge of an individual's activities and associations.


Who are they

Defending the United States of America

National Open Source Intelligence Centre

Established in August 2001, the National Open Source Intelligence Centre (Australia) provides state and federal agencies with a dedicated open source Issue Monitoring, Research and Analytical Support capability. NOSIC specialise in public order intelligence, transnational threat awareness and crime intelligence support.

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You will need
Computing Technology Tools
Learning Tools

Operator manual for triggering tracking on Internet


Download word set 1

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"Public Relations is a management function which tabulates public attitudes, defines the policies, procedures and interest of an organization followed by executing a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance." (Edward Bernays, 'The Biography of an Idea, 1855)

"It is impossible to fundamentally grasp the social, political, economic and cultural developments of the past 100 years without some understanding of Bernays and his professional heirs in the public relations industry. PR is a 20th century phenomenon, and Bernays -- widely eulogized as the "father of public relations" at the time of his death in 1995 -- played a major role in defining the industry's philosophy and methods." (PR Watch: "The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of PR")


Every day, in Australia and around the world, Governments and Corporations are spending billions to gain acceptance, influence, mislead, misinform, corrode, corrupt and manipulate their respective audiences and consumers.


The social media and giant technology companies do it constantly. Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, all of them. They spy on every device you use.


They are using cookies and trackers, inserting these into your browser every time you are on line. When you access a web site (via your lap top, tablet, work computer, mobile phone or other) these little BOTS report back to their owners. On major sites there can be fifty of these all tracking different aspects of your activity. You need to install a blocker software to stop, or allow, these. You need to also decide what web sites, and what owners of these, you trust and allow cookies because if you bock them the site will not laod.

Take an interest in your
governments how they operate and demand accountability. Transparency is not a strong suit of Australia's politicians. Nor is it that of big business. Politicians hide their decisions behind national security facades and Cabinet confidentiality.

You must seriously look at the practices of the powerful in our society. Look at business practices, ethics and behaviour. Look at how they are soying on you. How they claim to secure and protect your information whilst stealing it for their commercial gain. Choose who you will do business with.

Demand that enterprises such as banks, and large powerful corporations, be good citizens rather than self serving interested enterprises.

Challenge the, their media, their public relations and their spin doctors,
use networks, tools, technology and interests to confront them, using the same technologies and techniques they use.

Eschew the current leaders of your political parties if they do not measure up to performance and expectation. In Australia the two political parties, labor and liberal, have manipulated and corrupted the democracy and processes to their own ends. It is time that they knew that we are aware of this. In federal state and territory elections send a message consigning them to the dust bin of a bygone era.

Maybe Australia
needs a new political party in any event we need to elect more independents in Australia's parliaments to balance the "executive power" of the duopoly governments. In the far regions of Australia the indigenous people can have a greater voice by changing the Norhern Territory government. Why always vote the same way, for the same party? They will take you for granted.

There are people across the globe using technology tools, human networks and strategies to try and
counter these "government and corporate" spying activities.


Use the tools of this web site to gather your intelligence, and information, and to learn the techniques of quiet activism altering the Australian political landscape. (Kevin R Beck, Melbourne, Australia)


Subject to the freedoms you enjoy in your country

Assuming that you live in a free society, though even the developed countries have governments that limit your freedom, you can expect to be subjected to retaliation, ostracisation and petty, or malicious, responses by powerful interests, governments and corporations. The more you seek to participate and hold them accountable the more they will react. Keep your nerve and maintain your rage

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