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The Mosaic Portal web sites are owned, designed and deployed by Kevin Roy Beck, Melbourne Australia. The Mosaic Portal web sites designed by Kevin Beck do not collect personal information and no cookies are sent to your computer by my Portal and the Mosaic Portal web pages. Since I am not selling you anything, my sites are free to use, there are no personal identifier dtails

Note if you click on an outgoing link you may be accessing another web site.

If you click a link to go to another site, that is not designed and owned by me be aware that my policy will not apply.

See their individual privacy policies. My web sites may include advertising material. Google Analytics and Telstra Australia's Market Place Hosting Service is used for traffic analysis not identity.

If you access my
Delphi Forum you will go into a private space and you can be there as a guest or a registered member. If you are a member, and/or you post content, then your identity that you registered with is logged. See below.


As I said my Mosaic Portal web sites do not use cookies. The web links, in the contnt web pages, may take you to a site that does use cookies.

The Delphi Forum Distribution and Article site, owned by Kevin Beck, does send a cookie to your computer when you register as a member. But this is to identify you as a member to block advertisements in the Forum and to save your user identity so that you don't have to re-enter it each time you visit the Forum. You have to enter your password.

You can nter as a guest and browse the articles.

This Forum makes chat rooms, other forums, message boards, and/or news groups available to users. The Mosaic Forum is open to anyone to join.

Please remember that any information that is disclosed in the forum becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information in postings or as to what you write.


Advertisers on the Mosaic Portal web sites may use cookies. You should refer to their individual policies on their site when you click through

Registration Forms

There are none on the Mosaic Portal itself. The Delphi Forum owned by Kevin beck, and used for communication and distribution, has a joining form but you will note that the information is quite limited. It has a privacy policy too.
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The Mosaic Portal web sites contain links to other sites. The Mosaic Portal is not responsible for the privacy practices, or the content, of such Web sites.

Contacting the Mosaic Portal Owner, Complaints or Other Matters you can email kevinrbeckATbigpondDOTcom

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