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Task Force Argos is a branch of Australia's Queensland Police Service, responsible for the investigation of online child exploitation and abuse.[1][2][3] Founded in 1997, the unit’s original charter was to investigate institutional child abuse allegations arising from the Forde Inquiry.

The unit's name was derived from Greek mythology, in which Argus Panoptes, or Argos, was a primordial "all seeing" giant with multiple eyes, guardian of the goddess Io. As protector of the goddess, Argos was great and strong: sleep never fell upon his eyes, and he kept sure watch always.

Technological advances and wider access to the Internet led the unit in 2002 to explore avenues to address growing community concern over the proliferation of child exploitation across the internet. Task Force Argos identified potential threats to children in online chat rooms, where sexual predators were grooming children and recruiting them to engage in sexual activity.

The work of Task Force Argos in raising community awareness to the dangers of online predatory behaviour has been recognised globally. The team was awarded the International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award 2011 (Gold award) by The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), a Canadian-based organisation committed to enhancing partnerships in order to prevent and combat crimes in cyberspace. (Source: Wikipedia

Contact Argos through Queensland Police
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Netflix has a documentary called "I am Jane Doe" which every parent in the world should watch.

It is the current story of how members of the US Congress (passing USC regulation 230 under the Federal Comunications Decency Act) give immunity to web site companies for 3rd party ads and the support of criminal activity is upheld by US Judges putting a perversion of the US Constitution by business men, and women, ahead of the welfare of children.

"THE layout of is as basic as it gets but behind the bland black and blue text is a sophisticated operation. What at face value appears to be a website trapped in the 1990s is in fact leaps and bounds ahead of those chasing it. It’s advantages are two-fold. First, it has gained and maintained a reputation as the one place where, at any time of day or night, young women can be found “seeking sex with men”. Most of those women are actually girls who have been abducted, recruited or seduced into a world they never wanted to be a part of."' ( February 2017)


The US Supreme Court won’t hear a case brought by three sex-trafficking victims in Massachusetts who accused the website of helping to facilitate the abuse and exploitation of children. The decision, announced Monday, leaves in place a lower court’s ruling that federal law protects websites from being held liable for content its users publish on the sites. Like Craigslist, is a place where users can post classified ads selling things like bikes and children’s toys. But since Craigslist pulled the plug on its “adult” advertising section in 2010, Backpage has become a de facto hub for online prostitution, with a USSenate report saying the website now hosts 80 percent of all online sex ads. (Source: High court rejects case by sex-trafficking victims against, Janelle Nanos, Boston Globe, January 9, 2017)

More stories on Backpage and its association with murder, trafficking and prostitution in May 2017.




It is September 2013: Like drugs, child exploitation for gratuitious fulfillment, is big business. Enter the search term "preteen non nude models" to gain an idea that in 2013 globally, authorities have largely allowed these predators to fourish under the proposition that if there are no nude photos it is legal.

Very young, even baby girls, in g-strings provocatively photographed. If the web site I have nominated does not display then I have succeeded in having it blocked or even shut down.
From these disturbing images the user can link through a maze of different sites each designed to filter the traffic. Moving from multiple erotic pictures to hard porn sites. These sites use carefully crafted registration and reporting forms to filter out, and identify, the discerning client. Those wiling to pay to be voyeurs and ultimatley those seeking much more in hedonistic, perverted pursuits.

So how is it that so many flourish? Statistics show that the most likely abuser of a child is a relative, or friend, and the statistics are frighteningly quite high in numbers. In every local community in most countries there are likely to be those who view these sites and do much more. This is not merely unpalatable it is simply child exploitation. What parent or guardian allowed these pictures ot be taken and loaded to the wb?

Viewing the scantily clad child is not a limited hobby. It is vertical, and horizontal, throughout society from the lowest socio economic group to the highest, through the professionsm business and other sectors of our communities. The shields that protect these people are similar to the shields that protect the users of drugs. Belwo in this web site is an article on this from 2006 so how is it that there are hundreds of thousands of these sites flourishing on the web? Is it protection of free speech, protection of the right of publication or what fine line of protection to they enjoy?

It's harmless just looking isn't it? Across the world you can
add your voice. (Kevin R Beck, "Close the Preteen Model Web Sites and shut suspect Child Model Agencies Down", 2013)

Extract: Australian advertisers accused of corporate paedophilia" (AFP), 10 October 2006, SYDNEY

"Advertising that exploits children"s sexuality for commercial gain is on the rise in Australia as big retailers lend an air of respectability to corporate paedophiles, researchers said on Tuesday.

An increasing number of businesses found it acceptable to eroticise young models for profit, increasing children's risk from sexual predators and robbing them of their childhood, the
Australia Institute think tank said. Institute director Clive Hamilton said it was particularly worrying that the phenomenon had entered the mainstream and condemned major retail chains for jumping on the bandwagon. “When family department stores show no conscience on these issues, or are inured to the effects of their behaviour, the situation is very unhealthy,” he said. In a report the independent public policy research centre said children as young as three were being made to pose in sexually suggestive positions."

An extract from one of thew orld's media organisation reporting on a publication by the Australia Institute titled : Corporate Paedophilia, Sexualisation of children in Australia, Emma Rush Andrea La Nauze, Discussion Paper Number 90 October 2006, ISSN 1322-5421.

Advertising to children: Is it ethical? Some psychologists cry foul as peers help advertisers target young consumers. BY REBECCA A. CLAY

Ever since he first started practicing, Berkeley, Calif., psychologist Allen D. Kanner, PhD, has been asking his younger clients what they wanted to do when they grew up. The answer used to be "nurse," "astronaut" or some other occupation with intrinsic appeal. Today the answer is more likely to be "make money." For Kanner, one explanation for that shift can be found in advertising. "Advertising is a massive, multi-million dollar project that's having an enormous impact on child development," says Kanner, who is also an associate faculty member at a clinical psychology training program called the Wright Institute. "

Are corporations
consuming our kids?

In Australia, federal, state and territory governments have refused to legislate minimum standards and curb advertising to children. The reason is that the grocery industry, manufacturers and the media (who receive the money from advertising) are rich and politically powerful. The federal Minister for Health, in 2006, Tony Abott, and others in parliaments argue that parents should educate their children and be responsible in allowing in what they buy, what they eat, what they see and what they hear. Rather than be cynical about the conflict of interest relationships from a political persoective I might content that Australia's political leaders have not studied the psychology of advertising and the art of manipulation in detail. (Kevin R Beck, owner of the Mosaic Portal on the web, 2006).

"An estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour - one in six children in the world. Millions of children are engaged in hazardous situations or conditions, such as working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or working with dangerous machinery. They are everywhere but invisible, toiling as domestic servants in homes, labouring behind the walls of workshops, hidden from view in plantations." (Source: UNICEF,Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse)

Go to UNICEF source


"The Board of Inquiry was created by the Northern Territory Government in August 2006 to research and report on allegations of sexual abuse of Aboriginal children. The Chief Minister asked the Inquiry to investigate concerns about serious child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities. The Inquiry was established to find better ways to protect Aboriginal children from sexual abuse. (2006, the Northern Territory of Australia)

Aboriginal child abuse and the NT Intervention, Jun 29th, 2008 by reconciliaction, Update June 2008

In 2007, in response to the Northern Territory Report into sexual abuse called
Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Makarle (Little Children are Sacred) the Howard Government announced a national emergency in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. The Government"s "NT Intervention" involved sending police and the army into remote communities, alcohol bans, winding back Aboriginal land rights under the NT Aboriginal Land Rights Act, health checks for Aboriginal children and the quarantining of welfare payments in 73 Aboriginal communities.

Go to the source document

Child sexual abuse is serious, widespread and often unreported.

Most Aboriginal people are willing and committed to solving problems and helping their children. They are also eager to better educate themselves.

Aboriginal people are not the only victims and not the only perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Much of the violence and sexual abuse occurring in Territory communities is a reflection of past, current and continuing social problems which have developed over many decades.

The combined effects of poor health, alcohol and drug abuse, unemployment, gambling, pornography, poor education and housing, and a general loss of identity and control have contributed to violence and to sexual abuse in many forms.

Existing government programs to help Aboriginal people break the cycle of poverty and violence need to work better. There is not enough coordination and communication between government departments and agencies, and this is causing a breakdown in services and poor crisis intervention. Improvements in health and social services are desperately needed.
Go to: Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Makarle (Little Children are Sacred)

Fast forward to 2009 - 2010

"The Northern Territory government's abuse of Aboriginal children has now been laid bare for all to see.

The tragic death of young Deborah Melville should never be forgotten. While a NT jury acquitted her Aboriginal foster carers of manslaughter the facts speak for themselves. Deborah died an excruciating death from an infection that had spread through her body. She received no medical assistance and languished in the dirt of her foster carer's backyard. A government child protection worker visited her only a day before her death and told her, presumably as she lay dying, - 'I'm not here to take you away'. The inhumanity of this case is compounded by evidence of systemic human rights abuses of Aboriginal children authorised within the operation and under the guise of 'child protection'." (Source: Sacred yet unprotected Thursday 18 February, 2010, Hannah McGlade, Your Voice Australia)

Go to source story.

Child abuse and neglect in Indigenous communities go to bibliography.

A sad chapter of Aboriginal health is the sexual health and abuse, especially of children.... As a consequence of dysfunctional families Aboriginal children are exposed to adult sexual behaviour, neglect and violence." Go to full source articles

This article describes and evaluates some of the criteria on the basis of which food advertising to children on television could be regulated, including controls that revolve around the type of television programme, the type of product, the target audience and the time of day. Each of these criteria potentially functions as a conceptual device or "axis" around which regulation rotates....

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"Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws completely vindicate claims by The Australia Institute that retailer David Jones used advertisements that sexualised children as young as 10, according to advocacy group Kids Free 2B Kids. The documents reveal a brief asking for girls aged 10 and 12 to be “more adult and sexy”. The girls appeared in an Alison Ashley advertisement created by the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi for David Jones. “Saatchi & Saatchi hired a top law firm to fight tooth and nail to prevent these documents being released but, after a year-long battle and various appeals, the NSW Ombudsman has finally ordered that some of the material be handed over”, said Kids Free 2B Kids Executive Director Julie Gale." Go to source Australian Women On Line

Sexualisation of kids in media, Author: Lyn Allison

Summary: Australian Democrats leader Senator Lyn Allison raises concerns about the sexualisation of children in the media and advertising. We"re forcing our children to become sexual beings before they"re ready. Media and advertising agencies are turning kids, particularly young girls, into sexual commodities — and the effect is devastating. The sexualisation of children can have grave psychological implications. We know that the exploitation of adolescents as sexual objects increases the risk of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and low self-esteem. Body image fears can act as a barrier to young girls" participation in sport, and the time, money and mental energy they devote to their appearance distracts from other developmental activities — physical, intellectual and artistic. This trend also encourages children to initiate sexual behaviour at an earlier age, before they fully understand the consequences. It"s leading to a higher incidence of unwanted sex and is aiding the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Psychologists warn that the sexualisation of children could play a role in “grooming” children for paedophiles. For example, most girls" magazines actively encourage primary school girls to have “crushes” on adult male celebrities." (Australian Democrats Election 2010)
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In the modern world of 2010, the sexualisation of children the world over: Go to sources

In Victoria, Australia, children are at risk every day. The government under the Ministry of Ms Lisa Neville, and her failing Human Services Department, has a litany of cases where children have been abused, ignored or been simply forgotten.
"Ms Neville was responding to the case of a toddler who was taken out of her mother's care after the girl was admitted to hospital for taking ecstasy. The two-and-a-half-year-old girl and two siblings were placed in the care of their grandmother for nearly two years after it was revealed they were living in "filthy" conditions. But the children were returned to their mother's care in March after the department failed to extend a court order. (Source: Staff writers From: Herald Sun Melbourne, October 19, 2010)....."Community Services Minister Lisa Neville refuses to resign after damning Ombudsman's report, Stephen McMahon, Padraic Murphy From: Herald Sun November 27, 2009

VICTORIA'S vulnerable children have been left exposed to pedophiles but embattled Community Services Minister Lisa Neville refuses to step down. A scathing Ombudsman report revealed almost a quarter of abused children were not given case workers. It also found that children had been put in the care of sex offenders or even died while in care....... "Minister Lisa Neville and government have let down abused children, Comment by Stephen McMahon From: Herald Sun May 26, 2010

IT is a betrayal of trust. The State Government and Community Services Minister Lisa Neville have let down the most vulnerable in our community - abused children."
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