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"Remembering All Animals in War

200 Bessie Creek Road
Nar Nar Goon
Victoria, Australia 3812

Telephone: + 61 3 5942 5512
fax: +61 3 5942 5705

Bernie Dingle, Curator

With a passion that is truly awe inspiring Bernie, and Frances, Dingle have built a unique monument to the animals that have failthfully served mankind under the horrific conditions of war. Every nation, on earth, has used animals, particularly horses, to conduct their warfare campaigns and to carry their loads. Failthfully reproduced, with some exhibits, rivalling the Australian War Memorial itself, the Light Horse and Field Artillery Museum can be found on a backroad in country Victoria just one hour from Melbourne central business district by car or bus.

When the Victorian government, through its bureaucracy, moved the highway they failed to replicate any signposting to this truly incredible tourist attraction, leaving Bernie, and Frances, to their own fate. This is not surprising given my observation of the attitudes of the self indulgent Victorian state government bureaucracy. They could howvere sign post the various lavender farms and wineries. After all bureaucrats have their own view of what is valuable and important. They rarely dedicate their lives to creating anything of lasting effort do they? The Victorian State Ministers for the Arts and Tourism do not seem to ever demand a quality of consideration, or effort, and I think that this will continue. Other peoples' efforts, blood, sweat and tears, are of little import to the great bureaucrats, and politicians, of Australia's governments particularly the state governments. If the individual were to complain continually and become an annoyaance it is likely that retribution will be the outcome, so the dedicated keep quiet. So you will have to persevere to find the gem that is the Light Horse and Field Artillery Museum.

Let me tell you how to get to the Light Horse & Artiller Museum. Reference: Victorian (Map book known as the) Melways - 319 D2

Take the Monash M1 Freeway out of Melbourne, towards Dandenong/Warragul. Stay on the freeway to Warragul, going past Berwick turn off and head towards Packenham. Go past the three Packenham exits. Watch for the Nar Nar Goon exit. Take it and look for the Bessie Creek Road arrow on your right, at the round go to your right and follow the signs to Bessie Creek Road. Turn left just before the garage into Bessie Creek Road and go down perhaps three quarters of a kilometre, there you will find the Light Horse and Field Artillery Museum, on your right.

This museum is home to a large collection of restored horse-drawn transport vehicles which were used during the First World War

The Light Horse and Field Artillery Museum, at Nar Nar Goon Victoria, Australia, has a large collection of World War One and Two weapons, Wiles catering equipment which was carried by pack animals, uniforms, cavalry kits and medical equipment from Gallipoli and France.

There is a new section being constructed to cover the war in the Middle East.

The Major J.H. Bisdee, Victoria Cross Collection

The Lieutenant, F.H. Tubb, Victoria Cross Collection

The Sergeant Robert wallace (MID), A Squadron, 4th Australian Light Horse Collection;

The Purple Cross of Victoria and the British Blue Cross Collection