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Atlas of the Body

Nurses Guide To The Human Body

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Science of the Human Body

World's Top Medical Universities by Country

Human Body in 3D


Human Body Directory

A Kid's Guide to Life Sciences
The Human Body

Teaching Worksheets

How the Body Works

Virtual Human Body

Atlas of the Human Body

Look Inside the Human Body

Body and Mind (BBC England)


Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, which is one of the last great frontiers of knowledge. Neuroscience research spans from molecules, through cells and pathways, all the way up to complex human behaviour. Neuroscience integrates physics, chemistry, and biology, with studies of anatomy, physiology, and behaviour including human emotional and cognitive functions.

Neuroscientific research may focus on:

understanding the human brain and how it regulates the body and behaviour, including giving rise to consciousness;
finding ways to prevent or cure neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Neuroscientists use tools such as:

antibodies and gene probes to identify proteins responsible for brain function;
fluorescent dyes to mark neurons and synapses with specific characteristics;
microelectrode arrays to study the activity of living neurons in real-time;
behavioural methods to study the processes underlying behaviour in humans and in animals;
computational models of neurons and their connections in the brain.

Source: University of NSW Australia (Medicine)

Neuroscience Research Articles and News

Henry Gray's 1918 Classic Text

Psychology Encycopaedia

Best On Line College Master Courses in Psychology (USA)

British Journal of Psychiatry

Directory of Psychiatry

Psychiatry (Professionals)


Psych Forums Mental Health

Human Science

Psychology (Psychologists and Psychiatrists)

Psychology (Forensic)

Consciusness and the Brain (Annotated Bibliography)

Psyche and Consciusness (Journal)

Learning and Instruction Theory

Learning Theories

Consciousness and Cognition (Journal)

Dissertations on Mind Control

Mental Disability Rights International
(MDRI)(Washington D.C.)

The U.S. International Council on Disabilities (USICD) is a non-profit, membership, constituent-led organization committed to building bridges between American and international disability communities and cultures. Through a wide range of projects and programs, USICD promotes the inclusion of disability perspectives in U.S. foreign policy and aid and provides opportunities for domestic disability rights organizations to interface with their international counterparts.

USICDís major initiatives leverage a membership that spans organizations and individuals in more than 30 U.S. states and a number of foreign countries. USICD's Board of Directors includes leading experts in domestic and international disability issues.

Links to Organisations

Cerebral Palsy Organisation (USA)

Cerebral Palsy Guidance (USA)

Disability Resources

Recreation and Hobby Equipment for Disabled Achievements
Speech and Grammar

Disability Services Australia

Cerebral Palsy Organisation (Australia)



Toast Masters

The Art of Speak

Quadraplegia Australia

Spastic Centre Australia

Independent Living in Australia

Information Technology and the Disabled