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World governments, and corporations, are spending billions to spy, mislead, misinform, corrode, corrupt and manipulate societies, business and peoples. There are people across the globe using technology tools, human networks and strategies, to try and counter these activities. You could at the most basic level take an interest in your governments and demand accountability and you can choose who you will do business with. Retailers have noted consumers are powerful. You can demand that enterprises such as banks, and large powerful corporations, be good citizens rather than self serving interested enterprises. But most will pay lip service unless you can cause them to stop and think. Most however are not that intuitive or well informed.

You would think, for example that the two major political parties in Australia for example, would have well oiled and effective intelligence gathering systems, functions and people, but they do not. They use pollsters, local electorate branches and unions, and anecdotal perceptions. The head offices of the political parties, the staff in elected representative offices in parliaments, do not link correspondence, action and people unless it is blatantly in front of them.

Australia's government agencies, and public servants, are often uninformed about the world beyond their immediate portfolio. People, in their work environments, can be quite myopic, focused on the road in front of them. People in decision making roles are used to being obeyed or having their way. This is why many corporate Boards and Executives are surprised when things do not go as expected. Whilst it looks like government politicians, agencies, institutions and many corporations employ sophisticated tools they invariably do not. They rarely expect lateral behaviour coming in unexpectedly out of left field. They also do not see "multiple hats" teding to judge what is front of them or what they have heard. This lack of enquiry and awareness acts as abarrier to getting any innovation or outside ideas accepted or changing policies but can, in the hands of tacticians, be utilised in a mosaic of pattern activity. The media can be similarly unaware, uninformed and myopic.

Challenge the media, the public relations specialists and the spin doctors on their own turf (in government, politics, corporations) and use their own methods and tools.


The Shadow Server


The Mosaic Portal is designed to be an information providing, and influencing utility for use by its designer and owner Kevin Beck, and ayone else who wants to use it to add tools for their participate in society, economy, government and outcomes. It provides a wealth of strategies and ideas, communication and interaction assets to millions of people in your own country or around the world. It is complex and therefore takes some time to get your mind around its capabilities. It utilises technological and human networks. It is well resourced and funded. The owner has access to extensive external support and technological resources.

If you think that the Mosaic Portal is predominantly designed as an information source like any other portal on the web then you are taking a narrow view and have not looked at its web sites closely. The network is deliberate "mosaic". of sources for information, knowledge and technology, pointing to successful planning, innovative ideas, performance and implementation. Together they deliver results. This is a mosaic of technology, traditional strategies, and tools and methodologies, in all of the disciplines. It crosses boundaries, and sectors, and unexpectedly allows the user to come out of left field. catching the unwary by surprise.

The Mosaic Portal was designed to develop and use technology, and human interaction, building synergies and networks, incrementally, to build an information source and vehicle from whihc individuals and interest groups, activists and others can mobilise to try and level the playing field the balance of power in social, political and economic debate and decision making.

The tolls can be deployed locally, regionally, across a nation, and internationally. The Portal is a design of constantly developing covert, and overt, tools, content and interactions into a Mosaic. The content is vast. Issues, and ideas, are thrust into the
bubbling pots of self interests. But this is what you face

Manipulators and spin doctors use the power of words.

It is not technology alone that creates the opportunity. It is not the Internet per se, that in isolation of other factors, creates the risk. It has provided a platform for the strategist to use overt and covert methodologies, tools and networks (human and machine) with greater effect. There are lateral thinking strategists, and passionate activists, beyond the horizon of many peoples' awareness. These people may, or may not be a part of known associations or entities with you are familiar. They need not be in your sector of activity. They may be unidentified individuals or part of small or broader interest groups, loosely aligned interests or individuals. Many are motivated to pursue their objectives passionately or dispassionately, inside, or outside, the world of work, in corporations, governments, institutions, communities and within society generally. (Kevin Beck, "Technology and Strategy", Melbourne Australia New and Used

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The complex strategic design
of the Mosaic Portal.

  1. A set of sites that contain information, content and utilities designed to be attractive and usable to anyone of any age, at no charge for access.

    This utility attracts audiences of diverse nature and number creating a variable interest base that can be communicated with in an interactive fashion. Communities of interests can be identified and created.

  2. Sites that have specific utilitarian value and that are networked and build their reach exponentially and automatically, day after day.

    People use the web for different reasons and personal motivations. The Mosaic Portal seeks to provide value which in turn may be reciprocated.

  3. Interactive capabilities that allow horizontal and vertical, interactive, communication

    The tools of the Portal are contemporary and the most advanced technologically. The Portal is suppported with content, software, resources and financial assistance.

  4. A research capacity that is both academic and informative, displaying sources for knowledge and general information

    If people are to have utility for work, entertainment and other interests then the capacity must support the methodologies they will want to use. Participation and activism requires that people should be as informed on their subject as they wish to be. Submissions,arguments and strategies are more effective if they are based on awareness, ideas interchange and detailed research.

  5. Tools to assemble, and transmit, ideas, submissions, papers, anything

  6. Reach constituents, people of influence, voters, employees, consumers, interest groups and activists, etc. Build relationships from differents ectors of society - commercial, political, social, community, busines and so on, in order to leverage influence. To exchange views, information, agreements, tactics and strategy. To seek to influence opinions, decisions and create responses. Tools to know where people are, or how to find them. To divide interests, corporations and institutions into categories and research and document their activities, interesst and pressure buttons..

    Software, hardware, technologies explained and provided to assist users to
    reach out to mass and targeted audiences to push the buttons.

  7. Fast, and very slick, distribution tools to outmanoeuver and contact.

  8. Technology tools and information, ideas and strategies coupled with existing human networks and traditional methods to create a blended strategy of action and influence

  9. The means by which the individual may participate in these worlds, invited or not.

    Everyday we see examples where voters, shareholders and many other people are denied access, information, spun lies and misrepresentions and simply denied the opportunity to participate. The Mosaic Portal provides the access to communicate with the peopl who perpertrate these decisions or to bypass them. Carefully prepareed strategies can mean that governments and corporations are forced to expend resources and time dealing with such unexpected issues. This tactic is made all the more easy by the lack of intelligence gathering systems, research, awareness and lateral thinking within many sectors of society, work and government.

  10. The means to enquire, impart values and opinions, to criticise and compliment

  11. Pose social and economic questions, raise ethics, responsibility and accountability issues

  12. The means to investigate, or provide the guidance to research in depth, distill, circulate information, opinions or expose the truth and the hypocrisy.

  13. To provide counter opinions and views

  14. To deliver counter strategies, seek to level the playing field and cause unease, even distress, to those who abuse positions of trust

  15. Merging democracy, work, community, business and interest with personal goals to effect outcomes

  16. To create one of the web's leading personal sites on a scale that directly challenges convention and the status quo. One that will list on major search engines regardless of the topic you enter. One that grows exponentially, day after day.

The Mosaic Portal is designed to grow daily. Much of it is automated. Content appearing on one site can be simultaneously appearing elsewhere. Within this context it may suit the creator, or the user to produce some form of electronic documentation of specific intent and load it so that it distributes across whole domains of different web sites and communication mediums. This may be to inform, influence, elicit a response, galvanise an action or attack a competing interest or whatever. The document can targeted to an individual or a broader recipient base within Australia, another country, internationally or all of them.


Document Distribution Utilities
and Interactive Forums

If you become a member of my DelphiForum there will be no advertising displayed, you may post and reply to articles and use the utilities as well as visit and post to tens of thousands of other forums and web sites. The articles will appear like this (below) on hundreds of web sites. If there is no article box underneath this text then your browser is blocking the content.

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On any given day, and across the week, Kevin R Beck, communicates to hundreds of members of Australia's governments, their advisers and departmental agencies, committees of parliaments and enquiries on a wide range of topics and issues. Additionally he communicates with hundreds of corporate professionals, with communities of interests and individuals. This occurs across Australia and internationally.


Use DelphiForums and other communication utilities to tell the world your stories using these links.

The Mosaic Portal reach is facilitated, not for commercial purpose, advertising or spamming junk. It was designed to facilitate the distribution of knowledge, information gathering and interaction between people around the world.

To exchange ideas, information, experiences and stories on culture, feelings, politics, governance, corporate behaviour, social, economic and community human issues, to learn, inform and entertain.

It is designed to support participation, enabling the user to respond, technologically, when dealing with powerful, political, corporate, government, institutional and other interests.

You can devise ways to influence, and impact, their world as they influence, and impact, yours.

reaching into your world of work, business and community
The owner of this portal and web sites, likes to initiate debate, discussion and action on his own initiative or on someone else's behalf and is happy to assist in communicating an issue or interest.

Do you know the axioms of how society networks evolve, and interact, and why, and how, individuals can have impact sometimes against the odds?

Tutorials are provided in the links below on how you may utilise these utilities and the web. These sites also give an indication of how much thought has been put into building this web site.

Papers, articles, commentary and campaigns are either created here or received, or are searched out. These are then distributed, according to content and intent, to organisations engaged in attempting to
influence the US administration,
to consumers, interest and activist groups, who want to participate in Australa's democracy.

They may be sent to industry associations and professionals, to electoral members, voters, to company shareholders and a chosen set of target, and/or mass, audiences.

Comments are sought, views exchanged and relationships are built and developed across the world wide web communities and arguments are put using influencing tools and guides.

The utilities of the Mosaic Portal are free to all.


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