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Thomas Aldrich, 19th Century, "The possession of unlimited power will make a despot of almost any man."

"If the consent of the governed is extorted through the manipulation of mass fears, or is embezzled with claims of divine guidance, democracy is impoverished. If the suspension of reason causes a significant proportion of the citizenry to lose confidence in the integrity of the process, democracy can be bankrupted." (Al Gore, "The Assault On Reason", Bloomsbury, 2007)

"We'd all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate." (Kin Hubbard, US comedian)

And so it goes for the candidates to lead Australia's federal government in 2010. They are not the best that the country has to offer. The parties became institutionalised as career factories for party hacks and professional trade unionists and political advisers years back. The proposition that the rank and file membership of the parties can nominate for preselection in their electorates is a myth. The factions control the parties, moreso in labor than in liberal, and members of parliaments gave up any pretence that they represented the interested of their electors, decades ago. Disengaged from the people, riddled with corruption, pay back, and merchants of the threat to anyone who challenges them, these corrosive elements are manipulating democracy and government. The political parties are in the business of retaining power at any cost and any price.


which way the political wind uis blowing
Make the wind blow where you want it to.

Voters distribute the "arguments and commentary" among your friends and networks, community and work groups, exhorting people to vote independent, and Green, before labor and liberal, to bring about a restructure, and reform, of the Australian parliament.

For me personally this has been a project spanning
years, and years.

Electoral division name State CLOSE CALL VOTING MODEL
Canberra ACTLabor
Fraser ACTLabor
Banks NSW Labor
Barton NSW Labor
Bennelong NSW ? close, Liberal
Berowra NSWLiberal
Blaxland NSW Labor
Bradfield NSWLiberal
Calare NSW Indeterminate
Charlton NSW Labor
Chifley NSWLabor
Cook NSW Liberal
Cowper NSW National
Cunningham NSW Labor
Dobell NSW Labor
Eden-Monaro NSW Labor
Farrer NSWLiberal
Fowler NSW Labor
Gilmore NSW Liberal
Grayndler NSW Labor
Greenway NSW Labor (hard)
Hughes NSW Liberal
Hume NSW Liberal
Hunter NSW Labor
Kingsford Smith NSW Labor
Lindsay NSW Labor
Lyne NSW Independent
Macarthur NSW Liberal
Mackellar NSW Liberal
Macquarie NSW Liberal
McMahon NSW Labor
Mitchell NSW Liberal
Newcastle NSW Independent
New England NSWIndependent
North Sydney NSW Liberal
Page NSW Labor
Parkes NSW National
Parramatta NSW Labor
Paterson NSW Liberal
Reid NSW Labor
Richmond NSW Labor
Riverina NSW National
Robertson NSWLabor (hard)
Shortland NSW Labor
Sydney NSW Labor
Throsby NSW Labor
Warringah NSW Liberal
Watson NSW Labor
Wentworth NSW Liberal
Werriwa NSW Labor
Lingiari NT Labor
Solomon NT CLP
Blair Qld Labor
Bonner Qld LNP
Bowman Qld Liberal
Brisbane Qld LNP
Capricornia Qld Labor
Dawson Qld LNP
Dickson Qld LNP
Fadden Qld LNP
Fairfax Qld LNP
Fisher Qld LNP
Flynn Qld Liberal
Forde Qld Liberal
Griffith Qld Labor
Groom Qld LNP
Herbert Qld LNP
Hinkler Qld LNP
Kennedy Qld Independent
Leichhardt Qld LNP
Lilley Qld Labor
Longman Qld LNP
Maranoa Qld LNP
McPherson Qld LNP
Moncrieff Qld LNP
Moreton Qld Labor
Oxley Qld Labor
Petrie Qld Labor
Rankin Qld Labor
Ryan Qld LNP
Wide Bay QldLNP
Wright Qld Independent
Adelaide SA Labor
Barker SA Liberal
Boothby SA Liberal
Grey SA Liberal
Hindmarsh SA Labor
Kingston SA Labor
Makin SA Labor
Mayo SA Liberal
Port Adelaide SA Labor
Sturt SA Liberal
Wakefield SA Labor decline
Bass Tas. Labor
Braddon Tas. Labor
Denison Tas. Independent
Franklin Tas.
Lyons Tas. Labor
Aston Vic. Liberal
Ballarat Vic. Labor
Batman Vic. Labor
Bendigo Vic. Labor
Bruce Vic. Labor
Calwell Vic. Labor
Casey Vic. Liberal
Chisholm Vic. Labor
Corangamite Vic. Liberal (very hard)
Corio Vic. Labor
Deakin Vic. Labor
Dunkley Vic. Liberal
Flinders Vic. Liberal
Gellibrand Vic. Labor
Gippsland Vic. National
Goldstein Vic. Liberal
Gorton Vic. Labor
Higgins Vic. Liberal
Holt Vic. Labor
Hotham Vic. Labor
Indi Vic. Liberal
Isaacs Vic. Labor
Jagajaga Vic. Labor
Kooyong Vic. Liberal
Lalor Vic. Labor
La Trobe Vic. Labor
Mallee Vic. National
Maribyrnong Vic. Labor
McEwen Vic. Labor
McMillan Vic. Liberal
Melbourne Vic. Green
Melbourne Ports Vic. Labor
Menzies Vic. Liberal
Murray Vic. Liberal
Scullin Vic. Labor
Wannon Vic. Liberal
Wills Vic. Labor
Brand WA Labor
Canning WA Liberal
Cowan WA Liberal
Curtin WA Liberal
Durack WA Liberal
Forrest WA Liberal
Fremantle WA Labor
Hasluck WA Liberal
Moore WA LIberal
O'Connor WA National
Pearce WA Liberal
Perth WA Labor
Stirling WA Liberal
Swan WA Liberal
Tangney WA Liberal