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MINIMUM EXPECTATIONS There is a need to deliver a strong, and ongoing message, to the members of the Australian federal parliament in both houses and to the senior members of the Labor and lIberal parties. The mssage is that we the voters expect a professional standard of behaviour, a return on our investment which is not merely a measurement of hours. We expect ethical, and moral behaviour, whihc is demonstrable. We expect courtesy to be shown to all members of the parliament. We expect public interest to be placed above self interest and political interest.

The current parliament (2012) is low grade in performance and quality of debate, and of questionable value for the money. The labor and liberal parties have lost sight of the public, and national, interest. This is not limited to federal politics but permeates the whole of Australia's parliaments and governments.

A senior Australian federal labor and liberal member

There are a large number of people in Australia who believe that the Australian parliament does not represent the interests of the people. The federal parliament does not function professionally nor with integrity. It is held in low regard. Past members of the parliament have publicly commented on the decline of the Labor Party. Some despair the state of affairs.

"Senator John Faulkner wants the Labor Party cleansed of its unionist bosses, but this political-fixing legend's minority view diminishes his power. Prickly, intimidating and now also angry about the decline of the Labor Party, Faulkner is still an influential figure in the ALP, if only as the light on the hill. But the real power in the Labor Party lies elsewhere, as he would be the first to admit. Even if his advice is still valued, he's a minority view in a minority faction and he has never played the numbers game. Faulkner's Wran Lecture in Sydney in June this year warned colleagues that Labor has no future if it continues to shun its members. "The party has now become so reliant on focus groups that it listens more to those who do not belong to it than to those who do," he warned. Faulkner desperately wants to see power in the party given back to the rank and file, and taken away from the unions and their factional deputies whom he (and others) see as far more selfish and damaging than those in the days of (Robert) Ray and (Graham Richardson ) Richo. But Faulkner is pessimistic about the chances of change: the ones with the power don't want to give it up, and the ones with none are too scared to speak out." (Source of extract: The Power Index.com - Political Fixers,http://www.thepowerindex.com.au/political-fixers/john-faulkner)

Yet the Labor leadership and the power brokers of the Labor party studiously ignore this decline preferring to mainatin their own personal agendas, and pursuits, rather than to work to reform the parliament in the interest of the wider electorate.

The leadership of the two major parties - Labor and Liberal - do not exhibit strong integrity and ethical behaviours. Each doggedly pursues their own maintenance of power and office.

Tony Abbott, who has no laudable record of achievement, and displays no creativity, in any of his Ministerial roles, has become so obsessed with the legitimacy of the Gillard government that it seems he abandons any pretence to adding value and worth to the parliament and the governance of the nation.

There are past performances, current images, and words, which tell us about Mr Abbott's character. The look on his face when he is racing the school kids on the beach, the competitive grimace and desire to win is so evident. A belligerent competitive disposition on display in the parliament and in every day life. He creates class division and it might be perceived that he may hold people in contempt according to their abilities. He does not, in my opinion, offer inspiration to be than you might be.

"ONLY the "right kids" should be assisted financially to stay in school while other teens should just leave, Tony Abbott said. The Opposition Leader said that otherwise, schools would simply be "glorified occupational therapy". (Source: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott wants only the 'right kids' to stay at school by: Anna Caldwell From: The Courier-Mail November 29, 2011)

The newer, and inexperienced, Labor Ministers, are no more inspiring, and innovative, than Mr. Abbott. The Prime Minister has questionable judgement and strategic sense. She has no record of achievemnt other than displaying poor professionalism in parliament and an ability to spit vitriole and sarcasm. Ms Gillard is lauded by the media for her aggressive outbursts in parliament railing against the opposition. Part theatre and part character assassination. None of it actually gives credit to anyone in the chamber.

The Labor Ministry seems to have an inordinate number of members who exhibit poor judgement, and strategic awareness, as their leader does. Most things are bungled. The modus operandi seems to be to rush in without thinking carefully about the issue and the ramifications, the counter arguments and opinions.


The common modus operandi of the Australian labor government under Julia Gillard, Be aggressive and belligerent all of the time, engage in
class and individual denigration politics, attack high profile people in the Australian community.

Maybe I am being unfair so click here if you want to raed Mr Swan's full speech. However I have no doubts about the motives of trade union leader, and high profile labor man, Paul Howes who says about a deal to allow Gina Reinhart to bring in foreign workers, "what's going on I thought we were attacking these people?" He obviously interprees Wayne Swan;s speech as many others do. An attack. (Kevin Beck, "Childish behaviour in Australian parliament", 2012)

"NEW Employment Minister Bill Shorten has slapped down an unprecedented push by business, welfare groups and the union movement for a boost to the Newstart "dole" allowance as part of root-and-branch reform of the welfare system. Mr Shorten said the dole, worth $243 a week, acted as a safety net and was deliberately set at a level that encouraged people to take up paid work. "Australia's social security system needs to provide a strong safety net for people who need financial assistance while also acting as an incentive for people to take up paid work," Mr Shorten told The Australian. "Participation in the workforce is a priority the Gillard government is passionate about. Work is at the core of our beliefs. "In the current economic climate, I believe we have got the balance about right. Particularly when delivering a surplus next year and continuing our strong economic management is an important part of this balance". Mr Shorten's rejection of a Newstart increase comes after business and conservative economists added their voices to a campaign to see it lifted in the May budget." (Source: Bill Shorten rules out increase in the dole BY: PATRICIA KARVELAS From: The Australian January 11, 2012)

Bill is not the Minister for Human Services, he is the Employment Minister. Human Services has the "dole" portfolio. Bill should work on being creative as Paul Keating and Simon Crean were with "Working Nation" back in the early nineties. Bill, like ghis labor Ministerial colleagues( excepting Simon Crean, martin Fergusuon and Kim Carr) exhibits no innovative thinking and creativity. Mr Shorten has made his career in the Trade Union movement, a labor training ground, paid for by the membership dues of Australian workers. Dues, a significant proportion of which are, redirected for the political purposes of some of the trade unions and the Labor Party. Some might view this as parasitic on the back of others.

Shorten ties Employment/Social security to surplus. Thus money the goal of the government outweighs social jsutice and human empathy. Is he trying to walk a line to impress both sides of the political spectrum?

Ego, and misunderstanding of power, along with the jockeying for position, and influence, and retention of high office is galling. The administration by the labor government is incompetent and costly. The Liberal party rehashes their hoary and aged theories within the narrow spectrum of their wilted ideology. Parts of their ideology are built on the views, theories and behaviours, of those who created the Global Financial Crisis. (Kevin Beck, The Degradation of Australia's Government and Democracy", January 2012.)

which way the political wind uis blowing
Make the wind blow where we want it to.

Who do they represent, you or the party?

Electoral division name
Change the fabric of the parliament
Put labor and liberal last and vote independents?
Canberra ACTVote Green
Fraser ACTLabor
Banks NSW Labor
Barton NSW Labor
Bennelong NSW Put labor and liberal last
Berowra NSWLiberal
Blaxland NSW Labor
Bradfield NSWLiberal
Calare NSW Vote independent
Charlton NSW Labor
Chifley NSWLabor
Cook NSW Liberal
Cowper NSW National
Cunningham NSW Labor
Dobell NSWVote Independent
Eden-Monaro NSW Vote National
Farrer NSWLiberal
Fowler NSW Labor
Gilmore NSW Liberal
Grayndler NSW Vote Independent
Greenway NSW Labor
Hughes NSW Liberal
Hume NSW Liberal
Hunter NSW Labor
Kingsford Smith NSW Vote Independent
Lindsay NSW Vote Green
Lyne NSW Vote Green
Macarthur NSW Liberal
Mackellar NSW Liberal
Macquarie NSW Liberal
McMahon NSW Labor
Mitchell NSW Liberal
Newcastle NSW Vote Independent put labor and liberal last
New England NSWVote Independent
North Sydney NSW Vote Liberal
Page NSW Labor
Parkes NSW Vote National
Parramatta NSW Labor
Paterson NSW Liberal
Reid NSW Labor
Richmond NSW Labor
Riverina NSW National
Robertson NSWVote National
Shortland NSW Labor
Sydney NSW Vote Green
Throsby NSW Put labor and liberal last
Warringah NSW Vote Independent
Watson NSW Labor
Wentworth NSW Liberal
Werriwa NSW Labor
Lingiari NT Labor
Solomon NT Vote independent
Blair Qld Labor
Bonner Qld Vote Green
Bowman Qld Liberal
Brisbane Qld Vote Green
Capricornia Qld Labor
Dawson Qld LNP
Dickson Qld LNP
Fadden Qld LNP
Fairfax Qld LNP
Fisher Qld LNP
Flynn Qld Liberal
Forde Qld Liberal
Griffith Qld Labor
Groom Qld LNP
Herbert Qld LNP
Hinkler Qld LNP
Kennedy Qld Independent
Leichhardt Qld LNP
Lilley Qld Vote Liberal
Longman Qld LNP
Maranoa Qld LNP
McPherson Qld LNP
Moncrieff Qld LNP
Moreton Qld Labor
Oxley Qld Labor
Petrie Qld Labor
Rankin Qld Labor
Ryan Qld LNP
Wide Bay QldLNP
Wright Qld Independent
Adelaide SA Put labor and liberal last
Barker SA Liberal
Boothby SA Liberal
Grey SA Liberal
Hindmarsh SA Put labor and liberal last
Kingston SA Labor
Makin SA Labor
Mayo SA Liberal
Port Adelaide SA Labor
Sturt SA Vote Green
Wakefield SA Put labor and liberal last
Bass Tas. Vote Independent
Braddon Tas. Labor
Denison Tas. Independent
Franklin Tas.
Lyons Tas. Labor
Aston Vic. Liberal
Ballarat Vic. Vote National
Batman Vic. Vote Labor
Bendigo Vic.Labor
Bruce Vic. Vote Liberal
Calwell Vic. Labor
Casey Vic. Liberal
Chisholm Vic. Labor
Corangamite Vic. Vote Liberal
Corio Vic. Vote Liberal
Deakin Vic. Vote Liberal
Dunkley Vic. Liberal
Flinders Vic. Vote Independent
Gellibrand Vic. Labor
Gippsland Vic. Vote National
Goldstein Vic. Liberal
Gorton Vic. Labor
Higgins Vic. Vote Liberal
Holt Vic. Vote National
Hotham Vic. Vote Labor
Indi Vic. Liberal
Isaacs Vic. Labor
Jagajaga Vic. Put labor and liberal last
Kooyong Vic. Liberal
Lalor Vic. Labor
La Trobe Vic. Labor
Mallee Vic. National
Maribyrnong Vic. Labor
McEwen Vic. Labor
McMillan Vic. Liberal
Melbourne Vic. Vote independent
Melbourne Ports Vic. Put labor and liberal last
Menzies Vic. Liberal
Murray Vic. Liberal
Scullin Vic. Labor
Wannon Vic. Liberal
Wills Vic. Put labor and liberal last
Brand WA Labor
Canning WA Liberal
Cowan WA Liberal
Curtin WA Liberal
Durack WA Liberal
Forrest WA Liberal
Fremantle WA Labor
Hasluck WA Liberal
Moore WA LIberal
O'Connor WA National
Pearce WA Liberal
Perth WA Put labor and liberal last
Stirling WA Liberal
Swan WA Liberal
Tangney WA Liberal


are not what you think they are

The more threatening the shadows that fall on the present day from a terrible future looming in the distance, the more compelling the shock that can be provoked by dramatizing risk today. Established risk definitions are thus a magic wand with which a stagnant society can terrify itself (Beck, U, 1999, World Risk Society, pp. 137-8).

"If the consent of the governed is extorted through the manipulation of mass fears, or is embezzled with claims of divine guidance, democracy is impoverished. If the suspension of reason causes a significant proportion of the citizenry to lose confidence in the integrity of the process, democracy can be bankrupted." (Al Gore, "The Assault On Reason", Bloomsbury, 2007)


Tony Abbott was frantic to persuade the independents to throw their hats in with him to form government. "THE way Tony Windsor recalls it, Tony Abbott begged crossbench MPs to make him prime minister, joking that ''the only thing I wouldn't do is sell my arse - but I'd have to give serious thought to it'' (Source: Abbott failed to sway with a bum rap Misha Schubert, The Age.com.au, August 28, 2011.). Tony Abbott denies such a discussion took place in this vein. Who do you believe? I believe Tony Windsor. In any event I have the actual video of the final stages, between Tony and Tony, where Tony tells Tony that he is not forming government with him. Tont Windsor tells Tony that he has carefully considered the sandwich on offer and the ingredients that make it up. Mr Windsor has has eaten Tony's political lunch and given the rest to the cat... does he mean Julia? In the video of the discussions between the independent Tony Windsor and Tony Abbott's stand in, Tony expresses his profound disappointment many times.

Imagine: Tony Windsor tormenting Tony Abbott
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With relation to Australia's governments and politicians, trust no one. Trust only observations and data. Then test those observations, and data, to the point of destruction.

Sad Clowns
Who's In Charge? The Gillard Government Ministry

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There is no correlation between CO2 and Climate Change

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