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Victoria's Labor Government

April 1, 2017, the grand old lady of the Latrobe Valley power station hub, Hazewlood has closed. It began its career in the fifties and even today was still generating 24% of the state's electricity and 11% of the nation's. However it was targeted by the vandals in the Greens and Labor Parties because it burns brown coal. It was one of four coal power stations bought by private interests who rushed in, in 1991, grossly over paying, under the misapprehension that demand would always rise. The damnd fell.

It was further crished by the inane 40% renewable energy target of the stupid Labor state government now under Labor Premier Andrews

Due to the ripple effect something like a 1,000 people will lose their livelihoods. Taken from them by a man who resembles those who in the nineties who tore down the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

The visions, the new economy and jobs, that were spruiked back in 1991 by politicians, local government, big business and the recipients of government funds, never materialised. The community and the people of Victoria were forced to sell their most valuable assets.

People such as Andrews, driven by blind ideology, self belief yet possessing limited business ability are the most dangerous people to have in government. Everything under Premier Andrew's administration is corrupted, or corroded, and everyone except Mr Andrews and a privileged few never pay. Public servants in education department stole millions, the unions dictate to the Labor government, ideology is the driver not economic and social wealth growth. This is the only outcome if all of the Labor governmment have only ever lived off other people's money.


"A SMALL and tranquil area in Victoria could be left deserted, with residents coming up with plans to flee.

The Latrobe Valley in eastern Victoria has been described as the perfect place to live, with houses nestled between rolling green hills. But there are fears this part of Gippsland will become a series of ghost towns, as the closure of the Hazelwood power plant looms. Some residents feel they have no choice but to pack up and leave.
,br> The once settled and happy families are now suffering from sleepless nights and are nervous about what their futures hold.

In the Latrobe Valley, almost 1000 people are staring down the barrel of unemployment as the power plant prepares to shut at the end of this month. It was announced in November it was “no longer economic to operate” the brown coal-fired power plant. Traralgon resident Jessica Sumner told the ABC her husband Jason had been looking for work since the closure was announced, but with so many others also job hunting, it was an almost impossible task. “Pretty much straight away the first thought was Jason was going to have to go interstate, or even overseas, for work,” she said. The couple has a mortgage on a house they bought in the town only seven months ago." (Source of extract: Latrobe Valley residents look to move as Hazelwood power plant closure looms, MARCH 14, 2017,

As prices begin to rise by more than 10%, which is double what Andrews predicts and communities die, what lies and misrepresentations, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, will he call upon?

What is the justification for the Victorian state government not rescuing the plant? Could it be that the owners ran the plant into ground doing as little maintenance as possible and the cost for the state to take it over and rehabilitate it would be immense? But how would that cost compare, over time, to the money Andrews is throwing away in pursuit of his reckless vandalising activities?

Why not give the french owners a $1 and release them from any liability? There are those in federal politics, and in the business community, who think such a proposition is feasible.

Daniel Andrews, like most of his Labor colleagues in the state government, has never built anything. He, and they, are effective at destroying what others have built. There are no admirable qualities in Daniel Andrew's moment as Premier, just short term political pursuits and misery for so many.


The Premier of Victoria is spending hundreds of millions of tax payer funds as a result of the closure of the power station. The owners of another power station are being paid millions in public monies to employ 150 workers they do not require. These are members of unions whose factional leaders are associated with Andrews sinecure in the office of Premier. 'They keep him there in the corrupted world of Labor politics. This money buys their silence.

Yet againd dross policies are enacted under the fantastical theory of transitioning small business, and the employees who have lost their jobs, to other business pursuits and jobs. But where will they go and what will they do? The Labor Party's hoary belief that people can be retrained is trotted out once again. It has never worked in two decades but they never learn.

As indicated above many will be forced to leave the communities.

This saga will play out, in many ways, in the coming year as the outcomes eventuate and the costs not merely in money but in social capital rise. The politicians involved will most likely only pay a price at the ballot box. Some will lose their seats in parliament. The factional "career for life" Labor politicians in their contrived world always win, they may just get paid less.

(Jan 2017 - commentary by Kevin Beck(


Victoria Australia has increased police numbers and they do a very good job. They catch criminals very quickly. However they are let down by an incompetent Premier and Police and Justice Ministers and the senior executives in the state Justice Department. The politicians and the bureaucrats live in a sheltered world of unreality where their security is much greater than an ordinary worker of citizen on the street.

Magistrates and Bail jjustices are trained by the Justice Department and are influenced. They release offenders again, and again, on bail on suspended sentences and cmmunity orders. Thesecriminals leave the court and then reoffend multiple times. They invade homes, carry out robberies, bashings and serious crimes.

Victoria with a population less than that of New South wales has a similar per cpita crime rate. Whereas New South wales crime rate is falling, Victoria's crime rate is rising under Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, the Ministers and the Senior Bureaucrats. No one gets the sack, no one is accountable, no one is culpable. The public clamour in March 2017 is growing louder and louder. Yet Andrews and his colleagues dither and trot out inspipid responses and actions. Because they live in another universe of thinking. They may think they can educate tese criminals out of their behaviour. To the general community it is not apparent what Andrews, and his Ministers, thinks or let alone know?

The Government has failed to support the police force through the provision of more courts, more judges and magistrates and more incarceration facilities.

Lives are at risk everyday under the Labor Government of Premier Daniel Andrews. The foundation, structure, and resources, of law and order in Victoria Australia have been weakened under the state Labor government. THere are riots in juvenile jails, increased home invasions and robberies, incresaed drug sales and ice epidemics across the state.

Victoria has bleeding heart parliamentarians who lack thee capacity and the mettle to be tough on criminals and others who break the law. The police Minister is inadequate for the role. The government is limiting the police response through a light touch government policy.

It is reported that the perpetrator of the events below was given bail by a Victorian magistrate last week on an assault charge.

At 1.30Pm on 20 January 2016, a car mowed down and killed pedestrians. The Government immediatley moved into damage control. Spin doctors amd media advisers briefed the Premier daniel Andrews and the Minister fdor Police and Emergency Services.

Crime and violence has increased under Andrews and his Cabinet Ministers. We are not safe in our homes or on eth streets. They shackle police and allow offenders back on te streets through their policies. As happened here. The offender was bailed earlier in the day for viloeny crime. Police had opportunity during the situation to shoot and kill the twop perpetrators. Daniel Andrews the Premier has a behind the scenes strangle hold on such actions.

A 10-year-old child is among three people killed by a man with drug, violence and mental health issues who deliberately mowed pedestrians down with a car in Melbourne's Bourke St mall. A man and a woman in their 30s were also killed by the 26-year-old driver who is now in hospital under police guard. Police commissioner Graham Ashton said 15 more people were injured by the car in the attack that is not terror-related, five of whom are critical. "What we do know of the person is there is an extensive family violence history involved," the commissioner told reporters on Friday. "He has come to our attention on many occasions in the past.

"We have mental health and drug-related issues in the background of this particular person. "He has been coming to our attention more recently over recent days in relation to assaults, family violence-related assaults." The Royal Childrens' Hospital said four children, aged three months, two, nine and 12, are in a critical condition. Amid the carnage on Bourke St, half a mangled pram was stuck on the bonnet of the car with what appeared to be the other half on the ground at a pedestrian crossing around 100 metres further up the road. Victorian police chief commissioner Christine Nixon was at the scene and said she saw a pram on the ground and helped the mother. "She kept asking me 'where's the baby?'," Ms Nixon told ABC 774.

Police believe the man had been on a criminal rampage since the early hours of Friday. He is accused of stabbing his brother in Windsor at around 2am, and at around 11.45am police tried to pull him over on the Bolte Bridge armed with guns and tasers but aborted their pursuit because his driving was too dangerous. Police say a woman, who may have been hostage in the man's car, jumped out of the moving vehicle.

The man was next spotted doing burnouts outside Flinders Street Station before moving down Swanston St and then mowing people down in Bourke St mall. Mr Ashton said he could not confirm whether two cars seen following the driver on Swanston St were police cars.

The man was also injured, shot in the arm by police who fired at least five times at him before his car crashed and he was arrested. He was seen lying on the ground dressed only in red underwear and white shoes with several police offices standing over him. The three dead were each found at separate locations along Bourke Street, Mr Ashton said, suggesting they weren't related. Witnesses reported hearing at least five gunshots before the man was arrested after ploughing into people in the mall.

"There's someone on the middle of the ground and there's blood all over the street," Rishi Hathiramani, a CBD shopkeeper, told AAP. A number of CBD businesses went into lockdown, while others had been evacuated.

City office worker William Mulholland said he came out of a laneway and saw a number of bodies lying on the pavement receiving CPR from police and emergency workers. He said his friend came out of the RACV building on Bourke St and saw a body lying on the pavement in front of him.

Victims have also been taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Alfred Hospital. A number of people have also gone to hospitals in shock after witnessing the incident, police said." (Source: News Ltd, January 20, 2017, Three dead in Melb CBD car attack)

The Australian Premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, and the Labor Cabinet, lack ability to protect citizens Australia is dominated by fumbling hand wringing politcians who look to their self interests and protecting their politicalk careers. They will not accept responsibility or accountability. Their lack lustre perfoambec and stupidity puts our lives at risk every day.

give the police latitude, direct the ambivalent judges wholet these criminals out on bail. Make the judges accoutable to the poeple. Let the police SHOOT TO KILL. Look at the vision on this and see how long these persons went about their criminal behaviour as ordinary citizens tried to stop them.

Daniel Andrews, Labor, Assumes Premier's mantle

The states Liberal National Coalition shunted themselves out of office after one term. They had tin ears for politics and were unadventurous anti risk offering nothing exciting to the electorate.

In comes Labor Party (typical profiel) Daneil Andrews and his crew. Party apparatchiks, beholden to the union. A crew who have built their careers of the back of wage earners and other people's money. But let them have a go. Victorian voters are not the most erudite in Australia. They do not think deeply about who they elect.

So here we are are, after the platitudes of D Andrews. The Labor Party whip has to resign, the Small Business Ministre gets stood down, goes home on full pay to relax. Both are the product of incestuous, crude Labor politics. In short, politicak creeps.

Premier speaks in metaphors. But does'nt deliver much in outcomes.

His big first decision as Premier was to cancel a billion dollar infrastructure contract, risking the state's global reputation and costing the taxpayers many hundreds of millions. He made the promise to a narrow group of self interested people. He knows the drill he is "in charge for four years, he is on the the life pension teat and he, like all our major party politicians, knows the system is managed. Daniel Andrews fits right into the frame of the
Australian Industry Group and PcW Report cohort of "ineffective infantilisng managerial class". Having no experience to run a multi billion dollar enterprise Australian Premier Daniel Andrews ranks in the lowest quartile of world managerial (political) capacity and ability at this time (JUne 2015). Daniel Andrews may improve and I will update this site when he does. I do not think I have to worry about that in the near future.

Australian Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews is flanked by typical (limited experience, union and/or political hacks) Australian Labor Party Ministers.

Limited experience, they have risen through the ranks of politics on the backs of wage earners and other people's money.

Take the Ambulance Minister for example. She has no CEO, and no Board, running the ambulance service. hasn't had one for months. But she is happily engaged in studying how best the Australian Victorian Ambulance Service should operate. The Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for the Ambulance Service has no demonstrable sense of urgency. People are dying, she is offering mendacious excuses and copiuos study of the alternatives and what she should do by collective agreement, discussion and of course someone else's directive.

The Australian Victorian State Labor Government collective is taking hundreds of millions from us in salaries, and benefits, whilst delivering low value for money. Daniel Andrews is yet to show any calibre for high office. Problem is the Ausralian Victorian Parliament is full of bench warmers, and gorging parasites, all living on the public purse with no KPIs.


The abrogation of responsibility by our two main political parties when in government, refusal to be accountable and the lack of talent and leadership has lead to entrenched corruption in the Public Service Agencies of Victoria Australia. Public servants in the Education Department created regional banker schools where they hid funds and cut the audit trails. This was done with the knowledge and complicity of school Principals.

"A senior Education Department official was sacked yesterday after he told an anti-corruption hearing he threw documents into a bin at Bunnings in "somewhat of a panic" because he was being investigated. The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission's hearing into Education Department corruption was told on Wednesday that Victoria's south-east regional director, John Allman, threw documents that detailed financial transactions involving "his" banker school, Silverton Primary School, into a bin at Bunnings. Banker schools were used to distribute department funding for schools..... Tens of thousands of dollars meant for state schools was given to the son of a former senior Education Department official for "work" he never completed.

The hearing was played a phone recording of Mr Allman telling his colleague Mr Napoli not to mention Silverton Primary School to IBAC investigators.... Mr Napoli was sacked by the department earlier this week, and stands accused of diverting money away from state schools to run a $2.5 million fraud ring to benefit his relatives and himself over seven years.

Mr Allman said hundreds of thousands of dollars had been transferred to Silverton Primary School in Noble Park North for discretionary spending. Mr Allman kept banker school transactions documents at his home, but admitted after questioning that he later destroyed them. "The banker school arrangement has never been a legitimate practice of the education department so clearly I had something to hide."

The IBAC hearing heard that $75,000 of Education Department funds were moved into Raffaelle Napoli's account in weekly payments from 2007 to 2011 for work that he supposedly undertook at Essendon North Primary School. Raffaelle's father Nino Napoli, stands accused of diverting money away from state schools to run a $2.5 million fraud ring to benefit his relatives and himself over seven years. The 30-year-old said his father and the former principal of Essendon North Primary School Michael Giulieri asked him to lie to IBAC and say that he worked at the school. Raffaele received payments totaling $120,000 over 2004 to 2011 via a recruitment company called On the Ball Personnel, which is owned by his uncle's former wife Sharon Vandermeer." (Source: The Age Newspaper, Melbourne Australia>

This clandestine theft took place over years under the administration of the former Australian State Labor Government Education Minister and last year under the Liberal State Education Minister. There is no evidence to show that the current Labor Minister, James Merlino would show leadership and vigilance. He like his colleagues across Australia skates away from any responsibility. He didn't pick it up when he was in Opposition and no else did. There is no evidence that any member of the Victorian parliament has demonstrated strong leadership in ethics and vigilance in the public interest. People commit criminal acts in public life in a culture and an environment that allows it to fester. There is no evidence that the Secretary of the Victorian Education Department, Deputies and Assistants or the senior administrators, created a new culture or ethical environment. No doubt they are well versed in personal risk avoidance, accountability and responsibility.


Nepotism, croneyism, misconduct, corruption

"The failure of agencies to perform statutory functions The Parliament gives Victoria’s public agencies significant responsibilities to regulate the conduct of individuals and organisations. If an agency fails in its statutory duties there is a risk that its continued viability may be called into question. A recent example is my report to Parliament following my investigation of the Victorian Building Commission30 (the commission). My investigation identified significant issues regarding maladministration and misconduct in the commission’s registration process for builder licences, one of its key statutory functions. Concerns were also identified about governance and recruiting practices at the commission. Following my report the government announced that the commission is to be replaced by the Victorian Building Authority. This highlights how an agency’s existence can come under threat if it fails in its statutory functions. My office has identified several instances where agencies have failed to perform their basic statutory functions. Over the past 10 years I have reported to Parliament on statutory failings of some of Victoria’s larger public agencies including:

• VicRoads
• Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
• WorkSafe
• Environment Protection Authority (EPA)
• Victoria Police
• Department of Human Services
• Department of Justice.

These failures can place members of the public at a significant risk." (Annual Report to Parliament of Victoria, 2013, G E Brouwer OMBUDSMAN, 20 August 2013"

"Conduct of elected officials Elected officials are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct in the performance of their public duties. In a lecture to the Commonwealth Parliament, Canadian Academic Mr David Zussman said ‘… it is not enough for the behaviour of a politician to be within the law. The legitimacy of the system requires that they meet a higher standard, a more rigorous code of behaviour’34. I have often found this has not been the case in local government. I have consistently identified issues regarding the conduct of elected officials relating to:

• improper use of powers
• misuse of government funds and equipment
• inappropriate release and/or use of information
• inadequate accountability and transparency.
Some elected members of local councils appear to either not understand or choose to disregard the codes of conduct they are required to adhere to in their public role.

Councillors were also found to have engaged in decision-making which:

• was made for personal gain or political motivations
• could cause detriment to the council
• was in retaliation for broken promises
• was made behind closed doors
• involved voting in a block to support a faction, even when those decisions were not necessarily in the best interests of the community.

There were also examples of councillors:

• inappropriately using council funds and property
• failing to identify and reimburse the council for the private use of council telephones
• improperly using council provided laptops, such as installing pornographic material and inappropriate software on their laptops.

Conflict of interest has consistently been the subject of complaints received by my office and the subject of a number of investigations. I have provided Parliament with a number of reports on conflict of interest in both the public sector and local government36. Despite my recommendations to public sector agencies and local government, poor management and a lack of understanding of conflicts of interest continue to be a source of concern. In public reports over recent years I have identified conflicts of interest at a number of public bodies.

A recent report that identified several conflicts of interest by public officers was my own motion investigation into Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV)37. In this report the conflicts identified involved staff and the then CEO and included:

Improvments to private homes by GRV contractors
Improper advice to relatives by CEO
Seeking employment for family member

instances of poor procurement practices and contract management by public sector agencies, including issues relating to:

• purchases outside procurement policies, such as companies/ contractors awarded significant contracts without a competitive procurement process40
• the influence of nepotism and favouritism on procurement and recruitment41
• conflicts of interest of staff involved in procurement and recruitment processes42
• the engagement of contractors at excessive rates43
• inadequate procurement controls and checks44
• improper expenditure of public money45
• acceptance of gifts from suppliers46

(source as stated above, Part 1)

My recent investigation report into a Magistrates’ Court registrar38 also identified issues of conflict of interest. I identified a court registrar had been inappropriately granting instalment orders on the payment of a fine on behalf of her husband. I considered that the conduct was improper as the registrar should have declared a conflict of interest and should have had no involvement with any applications relating to her husband’s conviction and fine. The registrar had not declared any conflicts of interest in relation to her role at the court.

My office has regularly identified instances of poor procurement practices and contract management by public sector agencies, including issues relating to: • purchases outside procurement policies, such as companies/ contractors awarded significant contracts without a competitive procurement process40 • the influence of nepotism and favouritism on procurement and recruitment41 • conflicts of interest of staff involved in procurement and recruitment processes42 • the engagement of contractors at excessive rates43 • inadequate procurement controls and checks44 • improper expenditure of public money45 • acceptance of gifts from suppliers46. Despite having conducted a number of investigations relating to procurement practices and contract management leading to reports to Parliament, and the guidance available to public sector agencies from the Victorian Government Purchasing Board, these issues remain a regular source of complaint. For example, my 2012 report to Parliament concerning CenITex47 identified numerous breaches of government purchasing guidelines and improper conduct by senior officers. That investigation identified officers who had misused their positions to engage friends and other third parties for a direct financial benefit as well as the acceptance of gifts and hospitality from prospective contractors. Senior management at CenITex (including the then CEO) approved exemptions from procurement guidelines without adequate justification.

Despite having conducted a number of investigations relating to procurement practices and contract management leading to reports to Parliament, and the guidance available to public sector agencies from the Victorian Government Purchasing Board, these issues remain a regular source of complaint. For example, my report to Parliament concerning CenITex47 identified numerous breaches of government purchasing guidelines and improper conduct by senior officers. That investigation identified officers who had misused their positions to engage friends and other third parties for a direct financial benefit as well as the acceptance of gifts and hospitality from prospective contractors. Senior management at CenITex (including the then CEO) approved exemptions from procurement guidelines without adequate justification. On other occasions state purchasing guidelines were deliberately subverted by officers splitting contracts or running sham procurement processes to support pre-determined appointments. Many of the examples cited in my report involved managers in senior positions who should have been setting an example for the rest of the organisation. If there is poor leadership then cultures that allow and even promote these types of behaviour can flourish. Following my investigation one officer was dismissed and a contracting company had its contract terminated. Several other companies did not have their contracts with CenITex renewed. Several officers and contractors left or did not have their contracts renewed during my investigation." (Source: ibid)


is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) shared services agency, set up as a state body in July 2008 by the Victorian Government to centralise ICT support to government departments and agencies. The release of the Securing Victoria's Economy strategy in December 2012 and the Victorian Government ICT Strategy in February 2013 were aimed at enabling a more efficient and effective use of ICT across Government, by leveraging services available from the private sector. This will see CenITex move from being a provider of ICT services to a broker and manager of ICT services to the Victorian Government. CenITex currently provides ICT infrastructure related products and services to the Victorian Government departments of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI), Health (DH), Human Services (DHS), Justice (DOJ), Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI), Premier and Cabinet (DPC), Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), Treasury and Finance (DTF), and their associated agencies, and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and Public Transport Victoria (PTV)


"The Frankston MP (G Shaw - Victoria State parliament Australia) has been charged with 23 charges of obtaining financial advantage by deception and one charge of misconduct in public office. In his letter to the Privileges Committee chair Peter Walsh, Mr Shaw spoke about his "deep concerns about being subjected to criminal charges being laid while the same subject matter is being considered by the committee". "For Victoria Police to investigate a matter before the Privileges Committee is one thing but to lay charges on a matter actively before the Privileges Committee is an abuse of the Parliament," he says. He said this was because it could lead to "threatening, obstructing or intimidating a member of in the discharge of the member's duty to the Privileges Committee". (Source: JAMES CAMPBELL, ANNIKA SMETHURST AND MATT JOHNSTON HERALD SUN NOVEMBER 27, 2013)

unless otherwise attributed.


October 2012: A report by Victoria's Ombudsman, George Brouwer, has found parliamentary liberal government member, Mr Shaw breached parliamentary rules by allowing his taxpayer-funded car to be used for his own commercial purposes, as well as using taxpayer-funded fuel to run for his business. The investigation found that nMr Shaw used his own vehicle for commercial purposes, and gave it to employees for business trips, including interstate travel.

"VICTORIAN Premier Ted Baillieu is continuing to support embattled MP Geoff Shaw as claims against him are referred to police.(Herald Sun, newspaper, AAP October 14, 2012 3:53PM)

The Victorian government holds power by one elected seat. Is this the reason why the Premier would cast ethics and morality aside? Mr Baillieu says that he doesn't want to pre-empt an inquiry by the parliament's Privileges Committee. Inexplicably he says that Mr Shaw is a good local member securing many things for his electorate. Did Mr Shaw secure them or were they given by the Liberal government to ensure retention of the seat if Shaw were to have to leave parliament?

"At a state level, home truths here, Ted Baillieu is weak. He is known as a decent man of principle, but one of his backbenchers has rorted public money and then arguably lied about it. That is Geoff Shaw the member for Frankston. As we discussed yesterday, he has used his car and used public money to run his private business. Staff have given detail of him telling them to use the public fuel card to run the car for private business, and then he denied it and arguably lied about it. But he faces no action from his leader. Imagine if you rorted the cash till and then lied to the boss; you wouldn't have a job and nor should you. Ted Baillieu should have taken this bloke's head off by now. But if he does, he could lose his majority of one, so he doesn't. No principles here, no morality here, no justice here. The whole problem underlying this disgrace in Australia and Victoria: knife-edge government." (Source: Neil Mitchell, 3AW Melbourne, Monday October 15, 2012) web site:

As we examine a public demonstration against Premier Baillieu September 2012

The day we discovered we had no leaders in the state of Victoria's government nor in the public service. It is not clear to me how the Victorian Police Minister Bob Cameron retains his Ministerial portfolio and why the government lead by John Brumby shows no remorse or shame for its dereliction and in some cases corruption of Victoria's governance. (June 2010: "Leadership void", Kevin Beck, Melbourne Australia)

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A public service management (CFA and DSE) suffering a lobotomy at the hands of the Victorian labor government
Brumby, and the Minister, should have resigned long ago.

"ABOUT 1000 firefighters, their families and support staff have rallied in central Melbourne today, marching to the steps of Parliament House to protest against the state government cutting $66 million from firefighting budgets. The United Firefighters Union said the cuts included $41 million from the County Fire Authority budget and another $25 million from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. Victorian opposition leader Daniel Andrews addressed the rally in support of the Victorian firefighters' campaign. "Labor will stand with you to expose the damage and the risk these cuts expose to the Victorian community," Mr Andrews said. He also commended those attending the rally for wearing their uniforms, which the government had allegedly said they could not do. The UFU said the cuts would lead to freezing of recruitment courses, vacant senior operational positions and fewer firefighters working night shifts. UFU secretary Peter Marshall said Premier Ted Baillieu and Energy mMnister Peter Ryan's budget decision was going against the recommendations of the Black Saturday roayl commission. " (source: Victorian firefighters march through Melbourne against budget cuts BY: SOPHIE GOSPER From: The Australian September 13, 2012 3:01PM)

Here we see a conundrum. First we have the labor leader D. Andrews catigating the Baillieu government oblivious to the proposition I raise above regarding the failure of the Labor government to protect the peole of Victoria. Then we have an apparently detached conservative government, under Ted Baillieu, entering into a quicksand pit of emotion with no political gain just pain. 173 people died in the fires and over 440 were injured. Towns were destroyed.

"Parents across Victoria were told to keep their children home today as thousands of teachers went on a statewide strike. Up to 40,000 teachers are taking part in the strike, with up to 400 schools closed. Support staff and teachers from Catholic and independent schools are also striking. The Australian Education Union has rejected the Victorian Government's offer of a 2.5 per cent pay rise with performance bonuses. The union's Mary Bluett says the disruption is widespread but most parents will understand why the teachers are striking. "We gave notice of this stop-work a month ago and we've encouraged schools to let parents know," she said." (source: ABC News, Thousands of Victorian teachers on strike By state political reporter Alison Savage Updated Wed Sep 5, 2012 12:23pm AEST)

Before the election Ted Baillieu made the grandiose promise that Victorian teachers would become the best paid in Australia. He has not delivered on that even though he spins the current situation to imply he has. Conundrum, do not degrade health and education.

Victoria's TAFE system faces deep cuts with secret documents revealing plans for campus closures, fee increases, job losses and asset sales. A leaked 86-page cabinet-in-confidence document summarising transition plans submitted by Victoria's TAFE colleges shows regional areas particularly vulnerable, Fairfax reports. ...... In the May budget, the Baillieu government announced it would cut $300 million from TAFE colleges to keep the budget in surplus." (source: Secret documents reveal TAFE to be gutted, Date: September 14, 2012 - 1:01AM, AAP)


Kevin Beck, September 2012: I am interested in why the Premier's ratings have fallen particularly amongst conservative voters. It may be that the above has had an impact but deeper than that is another proposition. One conservative supporter told me that he has met with the Premier. The Premier, according to him, has no sense of urgency. He has no ideas and no action plans beyond achieving a surplus. At least that is how it appears. There are the normal public service plans, inherited from the previous government and the general day to day business of a state government but little else. In terms of charisma there is a vacuum. Some others comment that Mr Bailieu has had wealth all his life, Family money where individual effort and risk are not in his historical path. Maybe he has no idea of what it is like to be a self achiever or to be average? In my little dissertation below I look at the characteristics of achievers and seklf made people. I note political parallels between the Premier of Victoria Ted Ballieu and the Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman.

Some conjecture that those who are well off treat selfishness as a virtue whilst those that are not go on social crusades. This may explain trade unionists and others who are in causes. The wealth off have to look after themselves in order to assist others. We see this in the American Republican political mentality. Their theory is that rich people create jobs and there is a trickle down effect. This proposition is adopted in many parts by conservative political parties in Australia.

The self made have an action mentality. Ted Baillieu displays no such metality and tis may reonant with the disappointment felt above by the conservative supporter. The average battrlet will gamble and buy lottery tickets. They are looking outside of thmselves to get rich and for security later in life.

The power collective of which Mr Baillieu is a member has special (insider) knowledge. This is valued higher than education. Thus we see the attack on tafe and the belief system of the ordinary person that education delivers success. Mr Baillieu did not get rich through formal education. Trade unions and others believe success comes through education. Problematically a large number of Australians do not value education. Problematically education is for employment not enjoyment. There is no education for education sake philosophy in our governments or our society. Education is expensive. Education is viewed as a cost not an investment. Special knowledge held by the wealthy on the other hand is an investment.

The surplus is a future, and the wealthy look to the future, others hanker for the past, a bygone era particularly when the GFC and other things make life uncertain. When you are well off and able to sustain that life is not so uncertain. Normally wealthy people and self made types spend time setting objectives and goals but because Ted Baillieu is almost a recluse there is no indication that he does this. This does not sit well with the wealthy others?

Mr Ballieu seems to deal in logic. Money is logical, surplus is logical. The strugglers deal in emotion and that is not logical. Normally the self made wealthy follow things of interest with a passion. Where is the passion of Mr Baillieu?

The average person works in a job that they may not like. The wealthy enjoy what they do because they can give it up if they do not. Does Mr Baillieu enjoy his job? Does he aim high, or are his offerings to the electorate traditional bland, normal and painful? Premier Baillieu wil be deposed by his own party colleagues in 2013.