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Crucially, the entire political axis on which traditional media still operates is shown on the intellectual dark web to be moribund. — Douglas Murray.

The people listed on this website have a diverse range of political positions, left, centre and right on the traditional spectrum. That is probably the least interesting thing about them. Where they begin to converge are on issues of the individual vs collectivism, liberty over authoritarianism, and the importance of freedom of speech.

If you pay attention, they have a lot more to share as well.

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The IFRS® Foundation is a not-for-profit international organisation responsible for developing a single set of high-quality, global accounting standards, known as IFRS Standards.

Our mission is to develop standards that bring transparency, accountability and efficiency to financial markets around the world. Our work serves the public interest by fostering trust, growth and long-term financial stability in the global economy.

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"Jeff Johnson and “NewsOne Now” look at how millennials in the #BlackLivesMatter, #ICantBreathe and #HandsUpDontShoot movements are using social media to let their voices be heard around the nation. Can the call for change eventually effect policy change? Dante Barry, Director of, Danielle Belton, Paris Dennard and Chanelle Hardy joined Johnson on “NewsOne Now” to discuss.

Barry told Johnson how people in Ferguson started using social media to their advantage saying people were “using social media in order to tell what’s happening in Ferguson, on the ground in a real-time situation.” When Johnson asked how do we connect the organic grassroots protesters who were organizing and essentially reporting from Ferguson with the “hardcore movement pieces without telling people and directing people in ways they don’t want to go.”

Barry explained that this is where you see “local-to-local connections” being formed between grassroots organizations on the ground. “It’s really important when we have an organized front because that builds power, but also you are able to bring more people into the arena who have very similar agendas and very similar ideas on the line.” (Source: Can New Age Activists Use Social Media To Force Lasting Change? Written By NewsOne Now)

The most important political office

"The most important political office is that of private citizen." Louis Brandella

Mature enterprises, Boards, CEO and staff, government agencies and others should invite constructive criticism in order to engage in improvements and good governance. but they do not. In Australia, the general reaction to criticism, or questioning, of parliamentarty members, corporate CEOs and instituional bosses is hostile and reactive rather than one of engaging with the critic, turning perception and attitudes to favourable mutual respect. In 2018 executive ethical compasses are in decline as demonstrated by Australia's Royal Commission into Banking and Finance.

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"It is dangerous to be right
when the government is wrong."-
Voltaire - [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)

"Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of the colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, (s)he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
Robert F. Kennedy

We use technology to find where you are, to get to know you, what you do and even what you believe

We can act for or against you as we choose

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"One of the more sophisticated methods for influencing legislators is a practice known as 'grasstops' communications. In this, the PR agency will carefully identify the peer group of the target legislator or 'opinion former'. They will then hire one or more members of that group, friends or acquaintances of the target, to informally promote the PR message within the group - a 'district liaison'. In this way the agency aims to create for the target the artificial impression that 'everyone is talking about it' and that there is strong community support for the issue. With this method, legislators may not even realise that they are being lobbied." (Source: PR and Government, the Corporate Watch,



Joseph Turow summarises how marketers are using technologies to make it "harder than ever for audiences to escape, and resist, their advances."

One practice, "seeding," blends "publicity, product placement, and public relations." Seeding can involve hiring actors for "clandestine campaigns that 'may consist of seeding chat rooms, blogs and forums with paid-for messages,'" as one marketer explained. A Weber Shandwick executive described the goal as to "enlist, equip and harness the power of trusted, informed and credible messengers." Another tool, "behavioral targeting," allows marketers to customize online ads, depending on Web pages visited and searches performed.

The cookies track, "registration data, your movements on their site, and even information about you that they've purchased from a third party" are also be available to marketers. Offline examples of behavioral targeting include customizable cable TV commercials and convenience store coupons.
SOURCE: Boston Globe, August 27, 2006
For more information on Joseph Turow:
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  1. First do your homework. carry out the research constantly. Check to find similar interested individuals, groups, businesses and institutions. If it is political examine the players, the members of governments or electorates, and research their background, performance and interests. Also look at legislation, trade agreements and international treaties and laws. Maybe you can find an enforcement tool or crack in their armour.

  2. Gather target lists - names, addresses (mail and email), for business, politics, government, these lists can be bought

  3. Research the background, using newspapers, Google and information tools from agencies whihc sell intelligence materials

  4. Break lists and people, business and other down into interest categories. In the case of politicians examine their parliamentary roles and committee memberships

  5. Read any public comments, papers or speeches and other relevant sources involving the list members

  6. Visit their electorates, their localities, their business and learn about their operations, positions and the attitudes of people affected by them

  7. If you are opposing an action, seeking to influence or create barriers, create small descriptive files for each list member and then decide whether you will write press releases, white papers or articles

  8. Distribute these materials to internet interest lists, blogs, to media journalists and onto the media web sites and to the electorates and across relevant parliaments

  9. Small local and regional newspapers often look for different content and will publish articles on special interest items that relate to their readers

  10. Present strong cogent arguments, references and aim them at the target constituency

  11. If the action is political ramp up your efforts, communications and activity during the lead up to elections

  12. Maintain regular contact with the public service at federal, state and territory levels

  13. Distribute your materials to members of parliament

  14. Distribute your material to relevant parliamentary committee members

  15. Lodge submissions with Standing Committees of the houses of parliament in Australia

  16. Lodge submissions with specific and relevant parliamentary enquiry committees

  17. Post the above submissions on web sites and/or blogs

  18. If the issue is local then the effort should be local, if it has wider ramifications such as climate change, economies, legal, immigration and such then go wide to the world media, to world parliaments and other outlets such as conferences, meetings and associations.

  19. Create multiple blogs, web sites and forums and "chinese wall" them so that the traffic cannot be discerned.

  20. Publish your white papers and articles onto these websites and distribute to audiences - public sector, private sector, associations and journalists by category of publication and interest

  21. You use your agenda expansively, interlinking it into other similar agendas to grow your distribution, and impact, base.

  22. Link your agenda/issue to a powerful interest such as business

  23. For greater impact you have to be prepared to spend time, resources and money.

The most effective method of competitive action is to attack the target's objectives, their financial funding and resource deployment base and their methodologies and systems of calculation and decision making through multifaceted strategies.

The proposition that an individual may be motivated to directly, or indirectly, impact parts of an organisation even changing some aspects of its interaction in society and economy might be novel or foreign to them. The above example caused Jetstar management to imemdiately change their original response from "puzzlement" to a chnage of policy and behaviour. It took a high profile person to motivate Jetstar. This says a lot about vthe company's attitudes to ordinary (low profile) customers.

The application of
game theory

Things to consider when getting the strategy together.

  1. Research the background of your target

  2. Note the local environment if they are a politician or a business. Do this in the context of the political party or enterprise, the government or the board etc.

  3. Look for attached or competing inteests such as other political party members, local media, community groups, business competitors

  4. Frame your issue and present it factually as a logical argument with detials and if appropriate source documents etc.

  5. You might consider involving a regulatory agency such as Fair Trading, State Consumet Affairs agencies or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

  6. If it is a political exercise consider using the parliamentary standing committees relevant to the domain of your issue. You might add in the regulatory agency and also the department/s of the relative state, territory or federal government.

  7. Prepare your distribution lists. These can be local, regional, national and even international. In the latter case remember some business and all governments interact internationally. So do institutions, public servants and other entities.

  8. Visit the local area and gather information.

  9. If it is a political exercise allocate the resources. If you have funds spend part of them on targeted activity such as advertising, supporting local interests who can bring pressure and influence.

  10. Attach the issue or activity to a person to engender accountability, responsibility or response

  11. Build, maintain and expand the networks of technology and human interaction

If you want to dance with a corporation or give it a light, or mighty, whack

  1. Research the background of your target

  2. Examine any public interest issues in their market power, operations or foot print. Is there an environmental or hot button of that type?

  3. Research if there are any political arguments, enquiries and committee reports on the sector of your target

  4. Pick and frame your strategic issue and present it factually as a logical argument with detials and if appropriate source documents etc. See the Break Up Telstra argument at Consuming Australia

  5. Tell the company that you are in the game and why they are the centre of your attention.

    Seek out common interests, individuals and groups.

    Post your material onto chosen web sites that may have an interest.

    Tell the
    media. Make sure you arouse their interest and you might select a particular journalist/s, in your country and internationally perhaps.

    if the company is listed on the stock exchange or of it privately held, it may be global. Then the matter may well be of interest to shareholders, financiers and the market.

  6. Write to parliamentary members if your research shows they have an interest such as in utilities, electricity, telecommunications, food and grocery, fuel etc.

    Attach your issue, argument and/or recemdation, to their electorate, or portfolio, interest.

    If applicable make a submission to a Minister and/or a parliamentary enquiry.

    Make a submission to a consumer or legal interest group.

  7. Prepare your distribution lists. These can be local, regional, national and even international. In the latter case remember some business and all governments interact internationally. So do institutions, public servants and other entities.

  8. Visit the local area and gather information.

  9. If it is a business exercise allocate the resources. If you have funds spend part of them on targeted activity such as advertising, supporting local interests who can bring pressure and influence.

  10. It is the same for all classes of activism and targets. Attach the issue or activity to a person to engender accountability, responsibility or response

  11. Build, maintain and expand the networks of technology and human interaction grwoing them exponentially. Keep the pressure up.


Technology is empowering. It enables individuals, and interest groups, to find, and reach, the same audiences that are the executives within, the targets of politicians, corporations, enterprise and small business and the constituents.

board members,


governments and politicians

shareholders, media and the general public

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This web site sets out issues, ideas and actions that are seen as important, in the minds of segments of the Australian community. These are relevant in Australian society, eonomy, business, government and bureaucracy. This site, and many of the mosaic Portal web sites, describe and/or point to strategies, and actions, that may span decades. Consistently designed and deployed using a mix of technology, internet and human networks, in work, personal interests and objectives. Things that by themselves may appear innocent, unremarkable, irrelevant or not seen, or known, by others, if at all.

This modelling of game theory, in appication, intermeshes into a complexity, beyond the horizon of individuals and the incumbents of organisations, institutions, corporations, governments, bureaucracies and the media.

The web sites of the Mosaic Portal often point to actions, have opinion pieces or actually state what is
happening or going to happen, often giving clues or direct communication. It is surprising how often recipitents ignore, or misinterpret communications.

When read in part or whole the web sites of Kevin R Beck describe a mosaic of deliberate activity, and application, of the mind, resources and utilities of the owner and third parties. They tell of events, and things, that media commentators, business people, boards, politicians and bureaucrats have missed and quite often totally misconceived. Outcomes are assumed to be the work of others. They often have no awareness as to the real facts, or the out of sight involvement, of

Who orchestrtaed the events, the strategies, how they did them or why they did them?

These activities, objectives and initiatives are applied to governments, individual politicians, political parties, individual businesses and sometimes individuals. The activities, and impacts, that set in train may impact locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Visit the web sites, the forums, watch twitter and examine the links to discover what the Mosaic really is all about. The game theory described here is the everyday life, and work, of the owner, and others. It is in many ways the creation, and deployment, of the mind.


Climate change theory, an imprecise set of scientific arguments is driving the labor government policy. This policy is deeply flawed and based on propositions that are often not true, or are manipulated, to create and justify the outcome, the government wants. There is nothing wrong with reducing carbon emissions to clean the environment but an ETS is not necessarily the best way to go about it. They may wreck Australia's economy and leave a mark more indelible than the recession Australia had to have under former labor Prime Minister, Paul Keating.

Archive article: The seeds of Rudd's climate change debacle. Brendan Nelson, may be a bumbling liberal party leader but essentially he is right in trying to preach caution and block labor's moves. Rudd's team are the sheep, following the latest fad, at the front of the pack who will blindly run over the cliff taking the gullible voters with them. Every crack pot theory and activist is now given oxygen, and the debate is clowded and we cannot hold the government to a serious accontable debate. It is now imperative, as never before, that those with the capacity to resist, and block, engage Kevin Rudd and the labor government, the Greens and the greenies, and ideologs, in a war of attrition like no other ever seen in the nation before.

This is not about politics and simple resistance or activism. This is about survival economically and socially, defying the efforts, and actions, of people who colllectively have never created anything. They are theorists and academics. politicians of zeal and ideology whose beliefs, and passions, are extremely dangerous. Out to save a world that does not need saving. They are not experts, in any shape or form, and they have never accurately
predicted anything. They have at their disposal a public service, detached from reality, commissioned to serve. This public service is imbued with the code of serving the government of the day without question. They serve Ministers whose backgrounds, experiences and credentials, are not diverzse and congisant of the peril to whihc they are takin g us. We must draw on our own experiences and resources to resist, block and if necessary destroy their resolve and strategies. If the Rudd labor government spends a million or more on advertising their view points about the ETS (carbon reduction) then they should also fund counter opinions in the interest of the nation.

Created, and orchestrated, by Kevin Beck
The most efficient, however very time consuming and very complex, game theory strategy is the one that i8s embedded within a host of other related interest strategies and activism programmes beig conducted by diverse groups. You cabn either do this via relationships of similar ideology and beliefs, or via a covert methodology that attaches and integrates to a myriad of activities and entities. The internet is the prefect vehicle for achieving this. If you are hunting publicity, and recognition, the down side to adopting this game play is that you, and your organisation, will not be on the radar with media, business, government or your target. This methodology opertaes beyond the horizon of those who think they are in control and who think they know all of the players and their motivations. In allof this you must support your strategy with strong foundations, facts and evaluations including information souces and ideas.


Click on image

Core facts, and data
underpinning the strategy

Former Australian Governments and Politics



The Australian Labor Government, proposed Emission Trading Scheme will create economic, and social, upheaval across Australia. It will increase prices for goods and sevices quite dramatically. The price of electricity will sky rocket. It will go well above the predicted increase per household,

" Emissions Trading Scheme will cost Australian families $1100 a year, By John Rolfe From: The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph November 25, 2009".

The woner of this web site predicts that the price wil be closer to $A2,000 per annum. The government's claim of providing compensation is spurious since the cost of the required actual compensation is not known. The government is plucking numbers out of constructed, and engineered, models. The base argument that we need an ETS because of global warming is spurious. The moral imperative according to Mr Rudd, which again according to Mr Rudd, is based on indisputable
Climate science is selective.

The foundation of science, that is "pessimism" has been adandoned in favour of scientists and researchers courting political approval and funds. Thus the proposed Australian Emission Trading Scheme will be killed off in 2015.


Every day content seekers, and agents, enter the Mosaic Portal web sites extracting materials for distribution, for use in their own content, for educational and research purposes and much more. This content, provided free of charge to users, is posted on web sites and into hard print media articles and press releases, and is used in targeted mass circulation emails, and campaigns, in Australia, and internationally. A multipath communication network is being established, maintained and expanded.

What will you do when I unexpectedly come to dance in your sector with a intricate plan?

How will you, your staff, your employees or constituents react? Will they comprehend the extent of the challenge and the road down which they may go, the cost and resources involved? Will they be deisive, defensive or dismissive or will they see the big picture and the possibilities? Will they learn that it is better often not to entice people to react? Will they carry out a SWOT analysis of threats? What are the ramifications, motivation or intent of people who may initiate action or activism?

Today ()2009) there are new paradigms affecting the world of politics, government and business. Here there are lessons for others. The dance upon which lateral thinkers can take organisations (public and private) or individuals is quite dramatic and often unexpected. Take for example this case:

"Australian Paralympian 'dragged himself on to plane after forced to check in wheelchair'

Australian Paralympic champion Kurt Fearnley has received an apology from the budget airline Jetstar after staff removed his wheelchair forcing him to drag himself across the floor of a busy airport. The 28-year-old, who won the marathon gold at both the Athens and Beijing games, hauled himself through Brisbane Airport and onto the plane when the company an offshoot of the Australian flag carrier Qantas – said his specially adapted wheelchair had to be checked into the hold. Fearnley, who had just completed a gruelling 60 mile trek through the Papua New Guinea jungle, was offered the use of an airline wheelchair, but refused claiming it was an insult to his independence." (Source: Martin Evans, 25 Nov 2009, UK Telegraph,

The Jetstar management failure to have a relevant anticipatory policy in place, and the action of the relevant employee, no doubt did not anticipate the fallout as Mr Furnley contacted the Australian media. This story went wrldwide on the internet. An individual can create an email alert off this topic using Google tools - allowing a person to monitor every reportage of this incidence anywhere in the world and use that documentation to further an issue. The archilles heel of many corporations is the attitude of their employees that the employer's systems and procedures take precedence over all else.

The changed dynamics, due to technology access in the hands of the individual and the group, has been extensively reported in the media, in parliaments and has been the product of discussions in many board rooms for many, many years. However, quite often, the journalists, commentators and the advisers and consultants have no idea who plays beyond their horizons. They have no idea that strategies put in place several years ago are now active and delivering in political electorates across Australia.

Contact our multiskilled talented professionals to discuss services, campaigns, assignments and business development and operations.

Not everything people do is work related. Some of it has public, and community, interest, some things they undertake to see if they can reach into governments, business and enterprises, anywhere. Some things I do because I am motivated. Maybe they want to challenge other's abilities, to create a high stakes game.


The Dance is what I call a game play orchestrated in a particular arena of activity - political, government, corporate and/or community. It is when The dance comes about when someone takes a company, an executive, a bureaucrat or other person and directly, or indirectly, deposits them (metaphorically speaking) into a complex problem or within the hornet's nest of a political environment, inside a contrived, or existing, public issue or a sensitive and charged emotive environment.

" Grech's torrent of gushing advice to Turnbull


GODWIN GRECH was attempting to collude on fees paid to an investment banker, while styling himself as an intimate adviser to the Liberal leader, Malcolm Turnbull. A report into the so-called ''Utegate'' affair outlines extensive links between Mr Grech and Mr Turnbull, John Howard's former chief of staff Arthur Sinodinos, and also John O'Sullivan, the head of investment banking at Credit Suisse and the husband of The Australian's Janet Albrechtsen. The report shows Malcolm Turnbull made contact at least 30 times with Mr Grech, a man who referred to Barack Obama as ''the Black Jesus'', described Treasury as ''left-wing loony,'' and offered numerous column ideas to Ms Albrechtsen. There were at least 22 emails and eight phone calls or messages between Mr Grech and Mr Turnbull from November 2008 to late June 2009. There were another 88 email exchanges with other senior Liberal identities from September 2008, according to the Senate privileges committee report, tabled last night in Parliament.(Source: Sydney Morning Herald,

The outcome effect is that an organisation's management's attention and resources, is extensively diverted. This is effectively what happened in the Godwin Grech case. There are other examples.

Hetty Johnston, living in Australia, deposited the artist Bill Henson, the NSW Police Service, the Premier of NSW and the Prime Minister of Australia in a hornets nest over Bill Henson's pictures, of naked young girls and boys. It may be a diversion or focused, deliberate impact seeking an outcome. Ms Johnston is adept at the very technqiues described in this web site. In being adept she herself, and her group, become a useful utility. Another example of the dance is the political activist group Get Up. Though they have lesss impact.

The Dance is a set of strategies for subjecting politicians in their daily activity, or in elections to specific exposure. It is also used to subject corporate executives to external forces and interactions or to exert pressure on politicians. Get Up ( is one such example where like minded participants use high technology to give effect.

In the world of governments, people tend to think conventionally and say "they will give their vote to someone else" in the next election. This is largely meaningless to a politician unless you can actually unseat the incumbent. One has to reach much wider. If you want to bring down a business venture then you may have to blend a whole mosaic.

"Plans to build magnesium smelter in Qld on verge of collapse" - The World Today - Tuesday, 27 May , 2003 Reporter: Louise Willis HAMISH ROBERTSON: Plans to build a $1.5 billion magnesium smelter in Central Queensland are again on the verge of collapse. Only last year, the project's owners, Australian Magnesium Corporation, managed to prop up their decade-old development proposal with a $600 million injection from the Queensland and Federal Governments. But now, as Louise Willis reports, the AMC says it needs a new financial backer for the project to survive. LOUISE WILLIS: When first unveiled, the AMC magnesium project was hailed as an enormous economic shot in the arm for Central Queensland, not to mention Australia. But recently the project has been plagued by financial worries. Two years ago AMC failed to raise the $650 million initially needed to construct the smelter. Last year, the Queensland and Federal Governments each offered $150 million, claiming it was vital the project proceed. This year, AMC has admitted major cost over-runs, and Australia's corporate watchdog the Australian Securities Commission – is looking into the matter. The company now admits it needs more help to survive." (Source: ABC The World Today)

The compay did not survive the competitor's hit. The politicians, the community and the corporation's executives, had been taken on a merry dance across Australia and the world. Vested interests, the banks sealed the fate. Who influenced their decision against the wishes, collective might and wisdomn, and economic claims of all of the powerful supporters?
In 1997 the Minister for Education, Senator Amanda Vanstone, was embroiled in a scandal where some $A2,200,000 of government funds were put at risk by her department. There was a Senate enquiry and court cases. The Senator unfortunatley was a political casualty. Who orchestrated her dance card and the strategy elements? Who recovered $A1,75087,000 of the money that the private recipients of grants took off the Department?

Between the years 1991 - 1994 the State Electricity Commission of Victoria was privatised in an environment of political and union opposition. One union, the Australia Services Union Energy Branch, was instrumental in devlivering the outcomes. Why did this union branch stand out from twenty three other unions in the state? Who orchestrated the dance card? The strategy, and its unit elements, is reported in parliamentary records and media archives.
Who can have a major supermarket raided by food and regulatory inspectors? Who can influence a Senate enquiry into telecommunications, and the objectives of Telstra or Optus, and how is this done? What else can be orchestrated by knowlegeable, and creative, people?

Not so smart


The techniques, and plans, are deployed internally within an organisation or system, externally or both, concurrently. They are employed internally by communicating to the Board, the management, a regulatory body or some other person or entity that has influence inside the organisatioon or the target's world of work and interest. A public, consumer, media, board, management, political or other focus is brought to bear on individuaols within an entity. It may include analysis and research. It might include distributing economic or social evaluation papers critiquing the performance or activity of the person or organisation. Distribution of these papers goes to interested parties such as banks, financiers, legislators, the media etc. This activity forms a mosaic, a complex strategy. Some practitioners earn their livelihood from creating and implementing the dance, others do it for a hobby and for fun and some do it for the public interest. They might do it to level the playing field in an environment where people are facing a greater resourced and ruthless competitive enterprise or a stubborn bureaucracy.

The tactic is to attach responsibility, accountability or perceived negative outcomes to the person's work environment.

The modern executive, politician and bureaucrat, likes to avoid accountability and likes to deflect to someone else. The person in charge usually does not like unexpected intrusions into their world of work and fiefdoms or questions and challenges to their authority or personal esteem and self image. Of course some are so bound up in their own world that they cannot see the nose on their face until it bites.

In the KEVINRBECK Mosaic Portal reside numerous examples, and demonstrations, of all of the above motivations. You just have to look for them. If I
pointed to all of them that would be too easy.

Deep inside their shiny headquarters the management, and advisers, of Australia's major corporate, and public sector, enterprises plan and execute their elaborate strategies. They tell their boards, shareholders and customers, governments and the general public how good their strategies are and what the future will be.


Kevin Beck

Using game Theory

Using The Mosaic Portal Activism Tool Kits


World governments, and corporations, are spending billions to spy, mislead, misinform, corrode, corrupt and manipulate societies, businesses and peoples. There are people across the globe using technology tools, human networks and strategies, to try and counter these activities. You could at the most basic level take an interest in your governments and demand accountability and you can choose who you will do business with. Retailers have noted consumers are powerful. You can demand that enterprises such as banks, and large powerful corporations, be good citizens rather than self serving interested enterprises. But most will pay lip service unless you can cause them to stop and think. Most however are not that intuitive or well informed.

You would think, for example that the two major political parties in Australia for example, would have well oiled and effective intelligence gathering systems, functions and people, but they do not. They use pollsters, local electorate branches and unions, and anecdotal perceptions. The head offices of the political parties, the staff in elected representative offices in parliaments, do not link correspondence, action and people unless it is blatantly in front of them.

Australia's government agencies, and public servants, are often uninformed about the world beyond their immediate portfolio. People, in their work environments, can be quite myopic, focused on the road in front of them. People in decision making roles are used to being obeyed or having their way. This is why many corporate Boards and Executives are surprised when things do not go as expected. Whilst it looks like government politicians, agencies, institutions and many corporations employ sophisticated tools they invariably do not. They rarely expect lateral behaviour coming in unexpectedly out of left field. They also do not see "multiple hats" teding to judge what is front of them or what they have heard. This lack of enquiry and awareness acts as abarrier to getting any innovation or outside ideas accepted or changing policies but can, in the hands of tacticians, be utilised in a mosaic of pattern activity. The media can be similarly unaware, uninformed and myopic.

Challenge the media, the public relations specialists and the spin doctors on their own turf (in government, politics, corporations) and use their own methods and tools.


The Shadow Server


The Mosaic Portal is designed to be an information providing, and influencing utility for use by its designer and owner Kevin Beck, and ayone else who wants to use it to add tools for their participate in society, economy, government and outcomes. It provides a wealth of strategies and ideas, communication and interaction assets to millions of people in your own country or around the world. It is complex and therefore takes some time to get your mind around its capabilities. It utilises technological and human networks. It is well resourced and funded. The owner has access to extensive external support and technological resources.

If you think that the Mosaic Portal is predominantly designed as an information source like any other portal on the web then you are taking a narrow view and have not looked at its web sites closely. The network is deliberate "mosaic". of sources for information, knowledge and technology, pointing to successful planning, innovative ideas, performance and implementation. Together they deliver results. This is a mosaic of technology, traditional strategies, and tools and methodologies, in all of the disciplines. It crosses boundaries, and sectors, and unexpectedly allows the user to come out of left field. catching the unwary by surprise.

The Mosaic Portal was designed to develop and use technology, and human interaction, building synergies and networks, incrementally, to build an information source and vehicle from whihc individuals and interest groups, activists and others can mobilise to try and level the playing field the balance of power in social, political and economic debate and decision making.

The tolls can be deployed locally, regionally, across a nation, and internationally. The Portal is a design of constantly developing covert, and overt, tools, content and interactions into a Mosaic. The content is vast. Issues, and ideas, are thrust into the
bubbling pots of self interests. But this is what you face

Manipulators and spin doctors use the power of words.

It is not technology alone that creates the opportunity. It is not the Internet per se, that in isolation of other factors, creates the risk. It has provided a platform for the strategist to use overt and covert methodologies, tools and networks (human and machine) with greater effect. There are lateral thinking strategists, and passionate activists, beyond the horizon of many peoples' awareness. These people may, or may not be a part of known associations or entities with you are familiar. They need not be in your sector of activity. They may be unidentified individuals or part of small or broader interest groups, loosely aligned interests or individuals. Many are motivated to pursue their objectives passionately or dispassionately, inside, or outside, the world of work, in corporations, governments, institutions, communities and within society generally. (Kevin Beck, "Technology and Strategy", Melbourne Australia

World Public Opinion

Not Good Enough
(Australian Consumer Story Site)

Consumer reviews
multiproducts and services

Consumers Worldwide

Editorials on Ethics

Australia public issues
communications tools globalism, corporatism, push for fair trade with poor countries

predictions about events in Australia
hidden influences that can affect your place of work the use and misuse of market power

The interaction of ideology,
politics and financial interests

Australia Monitor

Editorials on Ethics

Australia Monitor

Australia Monitor


The complex strategic design
of the Mosaic Portal.

  1. A set of sites that contain information, content and utilities designed to be attractive and usable to anyone of any age, at no charge for access.

    This utility attracts audiences of diverse nature and number creating a variable interest base that can be communicated with in an interactive fashion. Communities of interests can be identified and created.

  2. Sites that have specific utilitarian value and that are networked and build their reach exponentially and automatically, day after day.

    People use the web for different reasons and personal motivations. The Mosaic Portal seeks to provide value which in turn may be reciprocated.

  3. Interactive capabilities that allow horizontal and vertical, interactive, communication

    The tools of the Portal are contemporary and the most advanced technologically. The Portal is suppported with content, software, resources and financial assistance.

  4. A research capacity that is both academic and informative, displaying sources for knowledge and general information

    If people are to have utility for work, entertainment and other interests then the capacity must support the methodologies they will want to use. Participation and activism requires that people should be as informed on their subject as they wish to be. Submissions,arguments and strategies are more effective if they are based on awareness, ideas interchange and detailed research.

  5. Tools to assemble, and transmit, ideas, submissions, papers, anything

  6. Reach constituents, people of influence, voters, employees, consumers, interest groups and activists, etc. Build relationships from differents ectors of society - commercial, political, social, community, busines and so on, in order to leverage influence. To exchange views, information, agreements, tactics and strategy. To seek to influence opinions, decisions and create responses. Tools to know where people are, or how to find them. To divide interests, corporations and institutions into categories and research and document their activities, interesst and pressure buttons..

    Software, hardware, technologies explained and provided to assist users to
    reach out to mass and targeted audiences to push the buttons.

  7. Fast, and very slick, distribution tools to outmanoeuver and contact.

  8. Technology tools and information, ideas and strategies coupled with existing human networks and traditional methods to create a blended strategy of action and influence

  9. The means by which the individual may participate in these worlds, invited or not.

    Everyday we see examples where voters, shareholders and many other people are denied access, information, spun lies and misrepresentions and simply denied the opportunity to participate. The Mosaic Portal provides the access to communicate with the peopl who perpertrate these decisions or to bypass them. Carefully prepareed strategies can mean that governments and corporations are forced to expend resources and time dealing with such unexpected issues. This tactic is made all the more easy by the lack of intelligence gathering systems, research, awareness and lateral thinking within many sectors of society, work and government.

  10. The means to enquire, impart values and opinions, to criticise and compliment

  11. Pose social and economic questions, raise ethics, responsibility and accountability issues

  12. The means to investigate, or provide the guidance to research in depth, distill, circulate information, opinions or expose the truth and the hypocrisy.

  13. To provide counter opinions and views

  14. To deliver counter strategies, seek to level the playing field and cause unease, even distress, to those who abuse positions of trust

  15. Merging democracy, work, community, business and interest with personal goals to effect outcomes

  16. To create one of the web's leading personal sites on a scale that directly challenges convention and the status quo. One that will list on major search engines regardless of the topic you enter. One that grows exponentially, day after day.

The Mosaic Portal is designed to grow daily. Much of it is automated. Content appearing on one site can be simultaneously appearing elsewhere. Within this context it may suit the creator, or the user to produce some form of electronic documentation of specific intent and load it so that it distributes across whole domains of different web sites and communication mediums. This may be to inform, influence, elicit a response, galvanise an action or attack a competing interest or whatever. The document can targeted to an individual or a broader recipient base within Australia, another country, internationally or all of them.

Use DelphiForums and other communication utilities to tell the world your stories using these links.

The Mosaic Portal reach is facilitated, not for commercial purpose, advertising or spamming junk. It was designed to facilitate the distribution of knowledge, information gathering and interaction between people around the world.

To exchange ideas, information, experiences and stories on culture, feelings, politics, governance, corporate behaviour, social, economic and community human issues, to learn, inform and entertain.

It is designed to support participation, enabling the user to respond, technologically, when dealing with powerful, political, corporate, government, institutional and other interests.

You can devise ways to influence, and impact, their world as they influence, and impact, yours.

reaching into your world of work, business and community
The owner of this portal and web sites, likes to initiate debate, discussion and action on his own initiative or on someone else's behalf and is happy to assist in communicating an issue or interest.

Do you know the axioms of how society networks evolve, and interact, and why, and how, individuals can have impact sometimes against the odds?

Tutorials are provided in the links below on how you may utilise these utilities and the web. These sites also give an indication of how much thought has been put into building this web site.

Papers, articles, commentary and campaigns are either created here or received, or are searched out. These are then distributed, according to content and intent, to organisations engaged in attempting to
influence the US administration,
to consumers, interest and activist groups, who want to participate in Australa's democracy.

They may be sent to industry associations and professionals, to electoral members, voters, to company shareholders and a chosen set of target, and/or mass, audiences.

Comments are sought, views exchanged and relationships are built and developed across the world wide web communities and arguments are put using influencing tools and guides.

The utilities of the Mosaic Portal are free to all.