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"Analytic, abstract thinking is ideal for reporting the regular, the expected, the normal, the ordinary, the unsurprising, the mundane, the things we often take so much for granted that we are hardly conscious that we know them at all.

By contrast, narrative thinking, encapsulated in stories and story telling, is ideally suited to discussing the exceptional. Narrative thrives on the disruptions from the ordinary, the unexpected, the conflicts, the deviations, the surprises, the unusual. Stories flourish in the overthrow of the existing order by some event or thought that changes our perspective." (Source: Steve Denning, Narrative versus Abstract Thinking,

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is much often criticised for his convoluted communication. His inability to explain his policies or point in easy understandable language and metaphors. Failing to simply tell a story with conviction. In Mr Rudd's world the things he thinks are normal, they are coimplex and he understands them. He tries to convey them to us as if he is transferring a file of bits and bytes. Added to his complexity is the tone, the patronising slow manner in whihc he dlivers so that we may keep up. Th ebody language, and the image signals that serve to distance him from his audience. This is a significant problem for the Prime Minister. One which may in the end cause his fall from popularity to mockery. It is not that abnormal for the CEO to believe they are good communicators. Their challenge is to be able to master the art and to avoid using a spin doctor. (Kevin Beck, Melboure, Australia)
Kevin Rudd, the smartest person in the room. In the hot bed of Canberra politics there are few ways for Australia's public servants to realise that they are respected and well thought of. Modern politics has relegated the public servant, to servant of the government, politicising them. During the time of Kevin Rudd they were truly muzzled and made to feel worthless questioing their own capabilities. It was not until the media and the bloggers and commentators on the web began to question Kevin Rudd's abilities that their plight was exposed. Kevin Rudd was not talented Prime Minister. His arrogant assumption that he might be the smatest guy in the room demonstrated a lack of awareness. The propensity to humiliate people ultimately lead to his own downfall. He may well be bitter but who cares. He was ignorant as were his minions. I had the pleasure of meeting one of them. Instead of a senior member of Rudd's staff meeting me I had to endure a kid lecturing me about technology and public policy. Kevin Rudd and his coterie were oblivious to thefact that they were always destined to be politically annihilated once they antagonised too many tactically astute, and well resourced, people. They had at their disposal government but had no idea what to do with it.


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Going going gone, was the headline I used in the Australian politics web site owned by Kevin R Beck. It referred to Mr. Kevin Rudd. It was posted fourteen days before the coup. I have access to a psychological tool that can use a focus group of handful of carefully chosen people to determine if a sitting politician will hold their seat or if a candidate will win.


An alternative source of views, and information, about Australia, its governments and bureaucracies. This site takes you beyond the horizon of the pundits to the world of the average citizen and their perceptions, telling you of predictionjs, events, and activities, that are not in the mainstream media. The Kevin R Beck Mosaic Portal carries enough information for you to determine what will be the likely outcome of political elections in Australia, the currency of political leaders and some aspects of the future.


Rudd's Own Enron
Watching the smart go come and go
and come again


Joseph Turow summarises, in this linked article, how marketers are using new technologies to make it "harder than ever for audiences to escape, and resist, their advances. "

" One practice, "seeding," blends "publicity, product placement, and public relations." Seeding can involve hiring actors for "clandestine campaigns that 'may consist of seeding chat rooms, blogs and forums with paid-for messages,'" as one marketer explained. A Weber Shandwick executive described the goal as to "enlist, equip and harness the power of trusted, informed and credible messengers." Another tool, "behavioral targeting," allows marketers to customize online ads, depending on Web pages visited and searches performed.

Soon, "registration data, your movements on their site, and even information about you that they've purchased from a third party" will also be available to marketers. Offline examples of behavioral targeting include customizable cable TV commercials and convenience store coupons.
SOURCE: Boston Globe, August 27, 2006
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This same technique of the corporate world, euphemsitically called spin (when it is simply lies) has been embraced by Australia's governments. You will note the sudden (June - July 2009) rise of politicians (particularly higher ranking Australian politicians) turning to mobile short messaging. They are twits. To adopt this technological crap is insulting to thinking voters. However the advisers in the Australian Prime Minister's office seem to struggle with mature activity and government process. Within the political office of the twit sits a kid whose job is to take a thousand word policy, or extended thought (if they actually have one) and turn it into six words. These are the feckless, and stupid, ideas that emanate out of the modern Minister, Premier or Prime Minister's offices, all added together to manipulate the Australian voter. Politicians who tun to these devices cannot be taken seriously as legislators and visionearies in our governments. Such practices demonstrate the paucity of intellectual, and cognitive, leadership of those who inhabit high public office in Australia. The Prime Minister has a blog and places short 300 word platitudes on it. He is, to my mind, not to betaken seriously. By comparison Nick Xenophon and Steve Fielding, independent Senators show more maturity in public office than the Prime Minister of Australia.

No government in Australia, labor or liberal, actually faces the voters on ethical, and moral, issues. Governents are measured on economic prowess, pork barrelling or personal impacts on the personal interests, and sacred cows, of the voters. Things hardly change and there is no demand from the electorate for anything other than average, to mediocre, performance. The two major parties play on a merry go round of political interest awaitingbtheir turn at the public trough. In the background a bevvy of party apparatchiks await their turn at the spoils. The Australian labor party, at state level, is particularly adept at patronage and croneyism.

The electorate lacks the education, awareness and the cognitive skills to understand, distill complex matters and arguments, They have no interest in demanding, or particpating and interacting, to ensure, quality government, ethical practice and performance from their elected officials at local, state, territory or federal government levels. Sadly the politicians in power, in Australia, in this modern age (2009)are not likely to alter the status quo that delivers, and maintains, the power of public office. The electorate is powerless to deal with underperfrming public services. Queensland presents a constant model of decay in public office emulated by other states, and territories, within Australia.

Declining Ethics
New South Wales
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Education Revolution

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Governments, and corporations, are spending billions to mislead, misinform, corrode, corrupt and manipulate the world in which they operate. There are people across the globe using technology tools, human networks and strategies to try and counter these activities albeit in a small way. They are oft dismissed . Take an interest in your governments, demand accountability, choose who you will do business with and what products and services you will buy. Demand that enterprises such as banks, and large powerful corporations, be good citizens rather than self serving interested enterprises. Challenge the media, the public relations and spin doctors, on their own turf. challenge your governments, politicians and public servants. Build communities of interests, technological and human.

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Insights, intuition, predictions and analysis,
predicted as early as 2007, by Kevin R Beck

In the latter part of 2008, and early in 2009, Kevin R Beck wrote in the web sites of the Mosaic Portal that there would be a number of events that would curb the government's plans and actions. Among the many predictopns made in September 2008 were that in 2009 the Australian budget would come under severe stress, growth would plummet to the negative, a major Australian financial institution will stumble in 2009, paid maternity leave will be a dream of a future Australia, a proposal to raise the Goods and Services Tax will emerge in 2009 there will be mortgage defaults, and a dramatic down turn in China's economy and demand.accurately predicted the financial devastation.

Even if we do not see them
Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, made nuch of the homeless people in Australia, during his election. He damanded that his senio party colleagues visit a homeless shelter last December 2007. In this (2008) year's action plans he has a focus on homelessness. Let us judge what he does against what he says.

Homeless in Australia
The homeless forums are world wide and open day and night in every time zone every day of the week.

However, if it’is the 15th of the month wherever you are in the world, we invite you each month to make time to logon to the homeless forums and help improve the forums by spending time reading threads, replying to threads and if you have something new to say or just want to introduce yourself – to start a new topic.

The concept of promoting the 15th of every month as a day we all focus on the forums is just an idea I wanted to float. If it works out we will continue with the promotion. Either way, as a member of the community, if you are available, you are invited to the first “Forum the 15th, let's see how it goes:

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