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Tommy Lefkovic

TOM LEFKOVIC CPA (Australian Certified Practicing Accountant)

Tom is the Principal of PMA

  1. Tom Lefkovic specialises in company secretarial, and accounting professional, services

  2. Tom Lefkovic will advise you how to establish your Australian business, as a sole trader or as a corporation or partnership, this includes establishment, memorandum of articles and registration

  3. Tom Lefkovic has decades of experience in financial and cost accounting for mining exploration, leases, tenements and minerals and the raising of investment finance

  4. Tom Lefkovic specialises in regulatory paper, and electronic returns, compliance reporting for public companies in Australia

  5. Tom Lefkovic will provide your business with administrative, and office personnel, provision to businesses - short, medium and long term assignments

  6. Tom Lefkovic devises end to end property development projects from acquisition, and planning, to turn key construction and delivery

  7. Tom Lefkovic is a registered Australian tax agent

  8. Tom Lefkovic provides specialist business services advice and consulting

  9. Tom Lefkovic will draft your Investment Prospectus, manage issuance, arranging underwriters and managing the processes for capital raising

  10. Tom Lefkovic carries out assignments within small to medium sized businesses in areas of accounting and financial management

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On Site Financial Control and Management

Accounting & Tax

Company Creation

Company Prospectus Preparation

Company Returns

Specialist Personnel Supply

Business and Government/s Networking

Multi-national corporation services, we have current and ongoing engagements. These take us into pubic interest issues, advocacy, submissions to Parliamentary Committees and Enquiries on a wide range of issues

Government and Public Service Relations

Parliamentarian liaison (Australia and International)

On site divisional operations such as Sales and Marketing, Financial and Relations Development, Jvs and Alliance Creation

Avice, working with, senior operational management, Board members and Business Owners.

PMA is contracted to provide advice, research, strategy, marketing and to manage allocated projects and activities, within clients' businesses.

Core skills are research, ideas generation, innovation, negotiation, competition analysis, strategy implementation and a wide area of practical knowledge of the environment and regulatory framework in which the business operates.

nem Australasia

Growing your business from the inside
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The Ross Partnership
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Existing & New Business Performance Analysis

Small to Medium Enterprise productivity, and performance, enhancement in association, business investment decision options with Australia's premier provider to Small to Medium Business
nem Australasia

Succession Planning nem Australasia

Valuing and preparing your business for sale in association with nem Australasia

Government support (grants) programmes for small to medium enterprises in association with nem Australasia

Major developments requiring state and federal government support and cooperation. Preparation of documentation setting out compnay operations, economic and social impacts of expansion including multipliers. Presentation to relevant Ministries (Trade, Infrsatructure, Specific to Your Business and representation with nem Australasia

Marketing, Advertising and Communications strategies design and implementation (all media including the web) in association with the The Ross Partnership

For all sizes and shapes, competition analysis, strategy, tactics design and implementation

Ideas Generation

Specialist Documentation, Submissions and Tenders

Unravellling the bureaucratic maze

Accredited Paramedical Training,
On Site Paramedics for Industry and Work Injury Management in association with
Paramedical Services NSW Australia


"Problem-solving is valuable in itself. But identifying a problem and working to put it right isn't the key to unlocking real creativity. That's all about exploring possibilities, questioning established ideas and looking for value." (Edward De Bono)

Kevin Beck has worked for PMA since 2000.

Kevin has undertaken complex assignments for clients within Australia and also in New Zealand, India, the Middle East, Asia, South Africa, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the United States of America, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Japan, Russia, Peru, Mexico and South America.

"Improvements often require creativity. So there is a real need to spend some time thinking creatively to try to find a better solution, even when there is a routine solution to a problem or a routine way of doing something." (Edward De Bono)

"It doesn't matter what the economic conditions are, better thinking is never a luxury. And now, when times are hard, better thinking which must include creativity - it is an absolute necessity. Similarity, difference and contrast. Looking at similarity, difference and contrast in business ideas is a worthwhile exercise because all three can be used to boost the creative thinking process. Managing uncertainty. Some people are excellent at managing in situations when things are going very well. There are also people who succeed in managing when things are going badly. But not many people can manage successfully in times of great uncertainty." (Edward De Bono)


Testimonial Emmanuel Althaus
Chairman and Managing Director
Pacific Magnesium

Testimonial from Consul General of Mauritius
Richard Hammerton

Privatisation of SECV, the world's largest vertical mining and electriciy utility

Testimonial Col Sutherland
Executive Director Edison Mission Energy

Reengineering a Private Health & Hospital Network in Australia valued at $A100,000,000.

Testimonial Australian Hospital Care

"If you want to challenge complacency in an organisation, you need to make a strong case with strong ideas. Simply claiming that 'things could be better' is too vague." (Edward De Bono)

"When things are going smoothly and there are no problems, people are fooled into believing there is no need to think. So they are lulled into a state of complacency and continuity does not produce new ideas."


Helen Marie Zoudlik

Helen is a humanitarian, she is all about helping people in difficult circumstance. President of her local chapter of the Society of St Vincent De Paul in Mulgrave Victoria Australia.

Helen has worked for PMA since 2010, she provides research, analysis and administrative support to PMA.

PMA supports Helen's activities with non profit, community organisations in Australia, who support the underprivileged and the disadvantaged.

Helen has a strong interest in, and knowledge of, the arts and museums curation and is experienced in archiving and records management.